Evil Twitter Trolls Force MegaChurch Magnate To Practice Christianity

christianity twitter shames joel osteen into opening houston mega church

Joel Osteen. Just his name summons up images of opulence and over the top “hallelujahs.” However, when it comes to “Christian charity,” he seems to be seriously lacking. He runs mega churches and has an obscene net worth. But, despite having a mega church (literally a repurposed 16,000 seat stadium) in Houston, Texas that was above the flood waters — his church doors were closed to those fleeing the flood waters.

According to ABC news, Osteen was waiting for all the other shelters to do their part, first — because that is what Jesus would do, right? — and would open once all other shelters were “at capacity.”

However, that was in direct conflict with a now deleted Instagram message from another pastor, John Gray, at the church claiming the church was “inaccessible”:

Osteen has faced criticism for not opening his massive Lakewood Church as a storm shelter. In a statement to ABC News , Osteen says the church “will continue to be a distribution center for those in need” and is “prepared to house people once shelters reach capacity.”

Twitter noticed immediately that the hypocritical “thoughts and prayers” power couple was not helping:

And that other groups were, like the 21 Mosques in Houston:

The evil twitter trolls, as they are usually known, did not let up for days. The media began to cover the story, such as the above ABC News story, and another from the Hill Tuesday. The social media outrage continues, because, as TMZ said this morning, Osteen is still not actually opening the doors even though Hurricane Harvey is ramping up for a reprise. At least they are “a distribution center,” now and will likely end up with the doors open due to the pressure that social media has put on them.

That is Joel and Victoria Osteen’s bazillion dollar home. Also, not open to the Texas refugees.

Before Social Media, this non-Christian act (barring refugees from a house of god) would have gone largely unnoticed by most of the country. Today, those evil trolls have at least exposed Osteen’s hypocrisy, and apparently forced him into actually practicing what he preaches: you know, prosperity, er… Christianity. How do we know? His mega church has finally opened their doors.

Have any doubt about their church being quite easily accessible, or closed? Watch this video:

Featured image via Twitter

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