It Was Never About Protesting Our Flag: This Is Why We Kneel

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This isn’t a rehash of the history of Colin Kaepernick’s decision process. It is a point of history that he consulted with a veteran to decide to take a knee, during the national anthem, to honor those who have fallen to systemic racism in the United States. This article is about why we kneel, all of us who choose to use that moment to show that we see and understand that we haven’t quite yet achieved “all ‘men'” being equal.

An American News X “memer” has taken on the task of creating a series of memes that can bring home the message. “Why we kneel,” pays homage to Colin Kaepernick, who apparently sacrificed his highly skilled career because of a misunderstanding.

It wasn’t against the flag, it was against this:

Disrespect of Black Military, 1919 & 2017

Don’t misunderstand, we kneel in protest and solidarity as well. But not from a lack of love and patriotism, from an abundance of it.

She’ll never get older but he’ll continue to be paid

We kneel from sheer desperation as to how to be seen, and how to protest in a way that was seen as appropriate.

Raped a 13-month-old Black Baby,10 Years Probation

In the streets, protesters are denigrated even from the White House. On capital building steps, they are attention seekers and paid protesters. On roads, they are inconvenient and many feel they deserve to be hit by cars should they do so.

Sodomized a Black schoolmate. No Jail.

Silently taking a knee, non-violently bringing attention to the fact that you understand the problem, that should have been ok.

Rich & Professional, still harassed because of race

But, it wasn’t. Because the powers that be and those that didn’t get it or don’t believe racism exists (unless it is “reverse” and white males are the target) decided that this was an affront to our flag. 

Arrested for defending himself

Taking a knee is no disrespect to this nation. The Supreme Court has ruled that our patriotic displays cannot be forced, that is totalitarianism. Trying to force a patriotic display against someone’s will flies in the face of all that it was established to become.

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