D’OH! Official Texas GOP Platform Declares Half Of Texans Are Gay (VIDEO)

An anti-gay plank in the Texas Republican party's platform raised eyebrows thanks to a colossal grammar fail. So how are those education cuts working out?

An anti-gay plank in the Texas Republican party’s platform raised eyebrows thanks to a colossal grammar fail.

The Texas Republican Party released their official platform on Friday and — hoo boy! —  it sure proved to be an eye-opener. Apparently all those budget cuts for public schools are still hitting home, and none of these Texas GOPers have ever read “Eats Shoots & Leaves,” because the person in charge of going over the final draft failed to notice one particular ill-placed comma.

The Huffington Post reports the part of the Texas Republican Party platform in question reads as follows:

Homosexuality is a chosen behavior that is contrary to the fundamental unchanging truths that has been ordained by God in the Bible, recognized by our nations founders, and shared by the majority of Texans.

Uhhhhhh, let’s pick that apart, shall we? For starters, Rudy Oeftering from the LGBT group Metroplex Republicans caught the error first and told John Wright from the New Civil Rights Movement there’s something strange going on.

“There’s a grammatical argument going on. Some are insisting the use of commas in the ‘Homosexuality’ plank in the platform could be interpreted as saying that the founders and the majority of Texans are gay.”

Heh. John Wright then starts to gleefully pick the Texas Republican Party’s sad excuse for a paragraph apart:

Needless to say, it’s a poorly written sentence in general. Either “truths” should be singular or “has” should be “have,” and “nations” lacks a possessive apostrophe.

Wright then tossed Rudy Oeftering’s query out for the Twitterati to feast upon and they weighed in with the following comments:

WATCH: Newsy explains why — for the Texas Republican Party — grammar really does matter.

Now, at least, the Texas Republican Party may finally start to get why education and proper use of grammar and punctuation are important for all of us, not just so-called “overeducated” liberals.

Featured image — composite by Elisabeth Parker: cc 2015 dbking via Wikimedia Commons (gay cowboys); cc 2009 jnn13 via Wikimedia Commons (US flag).

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