These Teens Are Playing The Most Offensive ‘Drinking Game’ Ever (VIDEO)

New Jersey teens play an anti-semetic drinking game despite fellow student protests. 

Over in New Jersey, a group of high schoolers, yes, that’s right — high schoolers — decided it was a good idea to play a game dubbed ‘Alcoholocaust,’ ‘Nazi’s vs. Jews’ or ‘Holocaust Pong.’ They also thought it was smart to take pictures of it and post it on Snapchat long enough for others to screen grab it.

As you can see in the picture above in part (full shot in video below), the game is a variation on ‘Beer Pong’ which most avid beer drinkers under the age of 60 are probably at least vaguely familiar. This ‘variation’ involves arranging the cups on one end as a Swastika, and the other in the shape of a Star of David.

The ‘game’ was exposed originally by blogger Jamaica Ponder who wrote;

“Well, perhaps it is a joke,” Ponder, who is a teenager as well at age 17 wrote. “But then I guess the punchline would be: genocide. Pardon me if I don’t find that to be hilarious. The real joke here is that these kids weren’t only insensitive enough to play the game, but also silly enough to post it on Snapchat and leave it there long enough for me, and several others, to take a screenshot.”

She continued, “Putting the picture on social media means that someone was proud enough of the game to want to show it off. Meaning that they must be trapped in the delusional mindset that making a drinking game based off of the Holocaust is cool. Or funny. Or anything besides insane. Because that’s what this is: insanity.”

Ponder also made local school officials aware of what was going on under their nose. Princeton High School Superintendent, Steve Cochrane responded;

As an individual and as the Superintendent of the Princeton Public Schools, I am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-Semitic overtones and to broadcast their behavior over social media. An incident such as this one forces us to take a hard look at our efforts in educating our children in the values that may be most important to their success in life. I am hopeful that as school district we can join with parents, with other agencies in our community, and with students themselves to elevate our efforts to prepare our children to be people of character.

Cochrane also noted that they have been in contact with the students in the photo and their families. He did, however, cite strict confidentiality policies when declining to discuss possible punishments for various offenses including underage drinking. Another disturbing fact, in this case, is that some of the students pictured are Jewish, according to Ponder …

I’m not even Jewish and I’m still offended. This type of behavior makes me believe that this group of guys would readily play “pin the noose on the n*gg*r,” just as readily as they incorporated an “Anne Frank” cup in their noxious little game of pong. Yes, that happened. No, you can’t just make this stuff up.

See, the thing is, if I were in the presence of a bunch of racist teenage boys, who thought it was a good idea to play drinking games which served as a direct reflection of exactly how racist they are, I wouldn’t hesitate to let them know that they’re being racist. But what’s odd is that here, there are Jewish kids partaking in the game.* I kid you not- I went to one of these guy’s bar mitzvah. I think what’s most confusing to me is that they chose to participate in this heinous, anti-Semitic activity as opposed to trying to shut it down. I don’t get it.

Ironically, Ponder, who also attends Princeton High School, has been the victim of backlash from students who think the game was ‘funny.’ Meet one of those students and others who are righteously outraged in this report from CBS Philadelphia HERE:


Featured image is a screen capture from Snapchat via Jamaica Ponder’s blog. 




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