Richard Spencer’s Event Organizer Harasses Small Florida Brewery

Yesterday, we wrote about a small brewery in Gainesville, Florida – Alligator Brewing Co. – pledging to trade one home-brewed draft beer for every two tickets to “Alt-right” (yes, yes, Nazi) Richard Spencers speech at University of Florida.

That the Spencer Machine knew about this offer was clear because event organizer Cameron Padgett posted a video to Twitter where he stated this as the reason they had “taken control” of the ticket distribution themselves instead of letting the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts handle it. However, Mr. Padgett went a bit further than just distributing tickets:

In a Facebook post, Wednesday, the Alligator Brewing Co. explained that Cameron Padgett showed up at their bar/brewery. HeĀ attempted to turn in three Richard Spencer speech tickets for beer, and while they were trying to verify the tickets (which wasn’t possible because they had not yet released the tickets publically), “he began live-tweeting video and his friendly demeanor changed from naive and friendly to aggressive and concerning.” They asked him politely to leave (which you can see in the video below). The Alligator said that Padgett began “fabricating false slurs” saying that they had been attacking him when they didn’t even know who he was yet, “we were still unaware of who he was and what he was doing but would insult him??,” they finished. Padgett continued to film and “to create a false narrative.”

They ended the post by asking people to use caution and be safe, and stated that a non-violent approach evokes aggression in response, which is sound advice when dealing with the Spencer/Padgett Crew.

Today, the Alligator Brewery added a new post to their Facebook page, explaining that since they can’t validate any ticket, they’re going to have to cancel the “beer for tickets” offer:

“Following yesterday’s episode and Cameron Padgett’s open display of animosity at our establishment, it has been brought to our attention that one thing is clear. With his extended access to the tickets and sole distribution of said tickets, there is no way for us to validate the authenticity of ANY ticket.

We have experienced support both here locally and on an international scale. We will continue to support our wonderful, loving community in any way possible.”

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, what exactly did Cameron Padgett do yesterday?

Well, he posted several videos to his twitter feed, starting with one showing him on his way to the Alligator Brewery talking about how he is going to “troll them” and yelling “No Neo-Nazis in Florida” at various people on the street.

The video from inside the actual bar/brewery (posted below) shows him sarcastically complaining that he “drove all the way from Atlanta to protest these Neo-Nazi fascists.” He also whined that they’re not giving him any beer (while the bar/brewery employee politely explains to him that they’re trying to verify the tickets) and that it’s a “breach of contract.”

The third video from Mr. Padgett shows him outside on the street again, complaining that “they kicked him out,” and that it’s a “breach of contract.” Which apparently is the only thing he can talk about for approximately one minute. Oh, and he might contact a lawyer, too.

Here at ANX, we commend Alligator Brewing Co. for standing up to hatred, and we hope that beer lovers in and around Gainesville, FL, will show their appreciation by patronizing this brave little brewery.

As the brewery put it on their Facebook: #LessHateMoreBeer

Watch Cameron Padgett make a fool out of himself here:

Featured image: Screen capture

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