Racist Hurls Murder Threats On Subway Because ‘You’re In My Country’ (Video)

“I’m not Chinese,” the bemused woman responded as a racist ranter accused her of being “Chinese” and  “in his country” and threatened to murder her.

According to the New York Daily News, citing the Gothamist, the woman did not file a police report:

“Get the f— out of my country,” he rants repeatedly aboard a Manhattan-bound Q train between Avenue U and Kings Highway in Gravesend around 3 p.m. Tuesday, the video, first posted by Gothamist, shows.

The main “sin” of the woman, extrapolating from the psycho ranter, was that her “eyes” were Chinese and she was in his country. Which, according to him, gives him the right to murder her and her whole country, right now because she was on “his” subway in “his” country.

The disturbing rant shows that this man feels that his status as an “American” means that in his addled brain he can kill someone just because they are not American. That he can kill an entire country because being in a subway with a person who he perceived to be “foreign.”

Since the election of Trump, hate crimes are becoming more and more prevalent against anyone that xenophobic, hateful Americans see as “not like me.” Just like this one, who claims basically state that his status as an American means that no life, and no number of lives, rate as highly as his personal comfort. This Week in Hate, a NY Times column, says that it “highlights hate crimes and harassment around the country since the election of President Trump.” They have noted that “calls to go back to your country” have become more common across the country:

Calls to “go back to your country” are common.

For Sharon Kim, it happened in early March. She was walking in Brooklyn with her 19-month-old son strapped to her chest when she heard someone say, “Go back to your country.” Ms. Kim, who was born in the United States and is Korean-American, turned around to see a white teenager who wouldn’t meet her eyes.

The encounter gave her a “sick, sad feeling,” she said. “My child was literally strapped to my body and I couldn’t do anything to prevent something like that.”

Welcome to the nastiest aspects of the sickness that xenophobia causes, courtesy of Youtube:

Featured image via Screen Capture

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