Supreme Court: Notorious RBG’s Pre-emptive Strike Against Future Undue Burdens For Women

On June 27, the Supreme Court struck down abortion restrictions in Texas in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Conservative folks everywhere are of course clamoring about how heinous that is for women and the unborn. These are the same folk who claim to be for limited government, while fighting so hard to invade each and every woman’s health care choices. The female body is certainly one area where conservatives will fight tooth and nail to get the government involved in more regulation. They aren’t so anti-big government after all! At least not when it allows them to maintain patriarchal control.

Some perspective from fellow writer, Dawn Emerson below:


A meme from my fellow writer, Dawn Emerson. See her articles here:
A meme from my fellow writer, Dawn Emerson. 

Heroine extraordinaire Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a favorite for the LGBT community since she took a firm stance for supporting marriage equality. She must have earned immeasurable curses from conservatives during that time. This time is no different, as she supports a woman’s right to choose –going directly up against the patriarchy and ‘messing with Texas.’

Her concurring opinion with the majority of the court in their 5-3 ruling left no doubt whatsoever that she believes women should have access to abortion without the infringement of laws put in place solely to impede women. These laws are an ‘undue burden.’

[]…it is beyond rational belief that H. B. 2 could genuinely protect the health of women, and certain that the law “would simply make it more difficult for them to obtain abortions.”

The Texas law called H. B. 2 inevitably will reduce the number of clinics and doctors allowed to provide abortion services. Texas argues that H. B. 2’s restrictions are constitutional because they protect the health of women who experience complications from abortions. In truth, “complications from an abortion are both rare and rarely dangerous.”

So long as this Court adheres to Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers laws like H. B. 2 that “do little or nothing for health, but rather strew impediments to abortion,” Planned Parenthood of Wis. cannot survive judicial inspection.

As recently as 2013, there was concern after Ruth Bader Ginsburg had made comments in public that she had some misgivings about Roe v. Wade—that the Supreme Court went “too far, too fast,” and that the constitutionality of future restriction on abortion could have been determined later.  Today, those restrictions have been exposed as a transparent attempt by conservatives in Texas to obstruct women seeking abortion.

The problem with making the prodigiously difficult decision to have an abortion even harder for women is that they are forced many times to risk their health in unsafe ‘clinics’ or by taking DIY Pills purchased in Mexico, “easy to get without a prescription in Mexico and significantly less expensive there.” The law in Texas was designed to make it harder for women to go to a clinic, increasing the odds of a health risk for women. This is the Supreme Court’s stance, backed up by peer-reviewed studies, legal and factual support as identified specifically in the Court Syllabus.

Ultimately, the patriarchal crowd will have a much harder time in their constant struggle to legislate a women’s right to choose going forward. We all know they will just keep on trying as usual. In fact, the SCOTUS ruling may work up the ‘pro-life’ crowd and get them out to vote for Donald Trump.

“Anything that helps voters (in this case a specific set of voters energized by one particular issue) focus on the importance of the Supreme Court helps Trump,” Republican strategist Michael McKenna

Oddly, conservative women will get out to vote for a misogynist man because they feel it is their duty to impede a woman’s right to choose. Conversely, let the knowledge of this fact energize you to vote blue. The struggle for rights for LGBT people, women, and other minorities has never been at a more critical and polarized tipping point. We are fortunate to have leaders like the Notorious RBG, but the future ranks of the Supremes will be decided in part by our next President.

Featured image: Altered from photo on Wikipedia commons for humorous effect

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