This News And Guts Reader Just Ripped Our Eyes Off Of Trump, It Is A Relief

This president is a weight around our country’s neck. A News and Guts reader just lifted that weight for a moment. This isn’t about Trump.

We can’t take our attention off of him. Not just because of the real dangers we face under Trump’s “leadership” but also because we can’t get away from him. He is like an infected thorn, we can’t get it out, we can’t ignore the throbbing itch and burn, and it is distracting us from things that really matter — like not stepping out in front of traffic while we fidget with it.

Things that matter, like the Navy suspending the search for ten American Sailors lost in the USS John McCain ship collision.

No, seriously. You have heard of it, we do know this happened: but many of us are struck immediately by the gaping hole where Trump’s response should be. Because that is outrageous. Because that is yet another flare up of our Trump infection — pulling our attention to the slow-motion train wreck that is Trump and his administration.

A reader of News and Guts, one of Dan Rather’s projects, just ripped our eyes and attentions away from Trump and directed it where it also needed to be. The relief is palpable when you realize that you have given Trump yet more of the attention he craves, but now that attention is where it should be: on those Americans lost, on their families, and on thanking those who take these risks every day.

News and guts shared the reader’s post on Thursday, it is emotionally wrenching and something that we should all read:

We received this from one of our followers this morning. Please take the time to read it.

Last night, while reading your post about the missing Navy sailors, I noticed that the top comments are related to the president* and his inability to speak up. I have never defended 45 and I am not about to start now. However, when 10 sailors have given their lives for this country, we should not be switching the focus to politics and the ignorance of our commander in chief. At this point, we should be honoring these heroes and thanking each and every vet for their service. I am disappointed to see how people are missing the importance of that. This is the post that I shared on my page last night and I will share that post with you as well.

The post that follows may be extremely hard to read for some who have lived through this. It brings you into the moment, and makes you understand where this reader is coming from:

“Imagine you are sitting up in bed in the middle of night. You are avoiding sleep. The house is too quiet, the bed is too empty, and at any point you might hear the ding of an email arriving… a ding that you haven’t heard in 8 weeks. You don’t want to go to sleep, because what if you miss it? You’re worried about the lack of communication, but also trying to remember that your loved one has an important job to do. Each and every day they are putting their lives on the line for this country and your job is to wait and to support, no matter how lonely you sometimes feel. Then the phone rings. It’s 2 am. 8 weeks with no communication and then a 2 am phone call. Your stomach drops. This is it, your worst fears coming true. It’s the phone tree. Your husband’s boat has been in a collision. In that moment, you can’t breathe. The world crashes down and time seems to stand still. It feels like an eternity before you are told that there are no casualties and you can finally take a breath. It’s another day before you can hear your loved one’s voice reassure you that they are OK. This was our experience and 8 years later, it still haunts me, still causes me to break down and think about the number of ways that I almost lost my best friend. To think about the children that we would never have had, the life we would never have shared.

Her conclusion:

Today, as the Navy suspends their search of the missing sailors on the USS John McCain, I think of their families. I am thinking of their phone tree calls that made their stomachs drop. I am thinking of the sailors who survived the collision and how this will emotionally affect them. I am praying for all of their families. I am thanking every single one of those brave men and women for serving this country. I am honoring the sailors who are lost because they have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. What I am not doing is turning this political. I have seen so many posts about “Where is 45?” and it is disgusting. If those are the thoughts going through your head, you are missing the point. Keep those to yourself. Today is a day to honor the fallen heroes. Respect them. Thank them. Thank every vet you know, because they have all been willing to give the same sacrifice. For you. For me. For each and every one of us. Save your blame for another day. Hug your family tight, tell them you love them, and realize how unbelievably lucky you are.”

Don’t forget, when it comes times to vote, that Trump did none of this when it came to this tragedy. But, for now, it is time to remember that he should not be the focus here — he doesn’t deserve the attention. The focus here is and should be our military men and women.

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