Animal Shelter Invites Pokémon Go Players To Come And Walk Dogs: The Response Was Amazing (VIDEO)

While terrified "Christian" pastors screech about demonic Pokémon Go players hanging around their churches, the Muncie Animal Shelter welcomes them.

While terrified “Christian” pastors screech about demonic Pokémon Go players hanging around their churches, the Muncie Animal Shelter welcomes them.

If you play Pokémon Go and live in or near Muncie Indiana, here’s how it works: Go to the Muncie Animal Shelter during business hours, ask for a Pokémon dog, and they’ll give you a special friend to walk with while you’re catching your Pokémon.

Muncie Animal shelter: Come by and ask for a Pokémon dog.

People who work and volunteer in animal shelters are always looking for ways to make sure dogs get enough socialization, exercise and time outside. Muncie Animal Shelter director Phil Peckin Paugh came up with the idea when he noticed people walking around playing Pokémon Go. He told KRIS-TV:

“I thought it’d be great to pair all these people who are out exploring Muncie and having these adventures all over our community, if we could pair them with dogs here at our shelter that need exercise.”

The Muncie Animal Shelter has invited people in the community to come and walk their pooches for years, and some do. But when they paired the program with the Pokémon Go craze, the response was amazing.

Since they posted the announcement below on their Facebook page, over 250 people have come between July 12 and July 17, according to the Star Press. Some even drove from over an hour away.

Muncie Animal Shelter’s Pokémon dogs post was seen by over two million people. They’re now so “Facebook famous” Mark Zuckerberg sent a camera crew over.

The video [will be] part of Facebook’s video series, Facebook Stories, where production companies are contracted by Facebook to shoot human impact pieces around the country.

The program has also helped some dogs find their forever homes. Micheal Keihn and his family played Pokémon Go with a charmer named Baloo. The next day they came back to take him home. Keihn told The Star Press:

“I went home that night and was thinking about Baloo being in the cage and it broke my heart. The next morning I told my wife ‘let’s go get him.’ I’m glad this story will spread and hopefully a lot more dogs get adopted.”

There’s just one problem: By the time the filmmakers got there got there, most of the dogs were too danged tired and happy to do any more walking that day.

Watch: Muncie Animal Shelter pairs dogs with Pokémon trainers.

Here are some fun photos the Pokémon Go dog walkers sent over to the Muncie Animal Shelter.

It’s amazing how a video game like Pokémon Go can create a sense of community and bring people (and dogs) together. Just last week someone called the cops at 3:00 am to report a couple sketchy black dudes walking around. But this story didn’t end the way these stories often do. When the pair of cops arrived, they knew what was going on because they’re players too. Instead of having an unfortunate incident, the four of them wound up forming a team and hunting Pokémon together.

Featured image: Video screengrab/KRIS-TV.

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