Kim Davis Trying To Dodge Paying Her Victims $233,000 In Legal Fees

You might remember Kim Davis as the Kentucky County Clerk that attempted to usurp federal law by denying same-sex couples their right to a marriage certificate. Davis utilized her belief system as an excuse for her blatant bigotry in the face of legality to disparage same-sex couples. A trend that has seen absurd laws spawning all over the nation.

Couples that sued the Rowan County Clerk are now asking U.S. District Judge David Bunning to award them about $233,000 in legal fees and costs.

However, Roger K. Gannam of Liberty Counsel representing Davis, claims that couples aren’t entitled to fees regardless of the fact that Davis refused to do the job she was appointed to without pressure from the court.

Davis Be Damned, The Law Is The Law

Davis won her battle — in the end, kind of. The law was changed to remove County Clerk names from marriage licenses. Davis claimed that her religious rights were being violated because she felt that same-sex couples should not have the equal right to marry who they loved. She refused to have her name attached to what she deemed was an abomination.

“Courts recognize that when successful civil rights plaintiffs obtain a direct benefit from a court-ordered victory, such as in this case, they can be entitled to their legal expenses to deter future civil rights violations by government officials.” – William Sharp, legal director of the Kentucky ACLU

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Rowan county filed a response stating that despite Bunnining’s decision over legal fees, Rowan county should not be held responsible for any wrongdoing on the disgruntled clerk’s behalf. Davis acted of her own volition as an elected official and not on behalf of the county when she decided to go against the law of the land.

“County clerks are not employees of the county, but instead are the holders of elective office pursuant to the Kentucky Constitution,” Jeffery C. Mando wrote, an attorney representing the county.


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