Some Signs Of Hope For Climate Change Despite Trump’s Backward Policies

hope climate change

Donald Trump may be the leader of the free world, but he’s far from a leader when it comes to reducing the carbon dioxide air pollution responsible for global warming and climate change. The worldwide growth of renewable energy, particularly solar power in China, is leading to signs of hope in the battle against climate change.

“For the third year in a row, the carbon dioxide emissions that drive climate change worldwide have been level,” according to Scientific American.

That is not happening by accident. It’s part of a global effort to reach for the sun and work with nature rather than fighting it.

Despite Trump’s love of the dying coal industry, the United States remains the second largest growth market for clean energy. The expansion of solar and wind farms are largely responsible for those gains.

“While the federal landscape has radically shifted, clean energy records are being shattered and climate progress has continued thanks to local action, ever-improving economics, and consumer interest, according to NRDC’s Fifth Annual Energy Report, America’s Clean Energy Revolution.”

By 2022, the International Energy Agency IEA predicts that 30% of all the energy on the planet will be coming from renewable sources.

No matter what Trump and climate denier’s say about the so-called economic benefits of increasing CO2 air pollution, clinging to 19th-century technology confirms that Big Oil companies fear they cannot adapt to a 21st-century world.

America was once the world leader in technology; after all, it was the country that invented the Internet. But the politics of bending to the will of corporate profiteers will ultimately prove to be a long-term economic liability.

As countries like China and India not only acknowledge climate change but embrace the future of cheaper, renewable energy and a healthier planet, Trump remains the kid in a wooden go-cart wondering why everyone else has moved on to sports cars.

Be part of the solution. Call Congress at (202) 224-3121, or contact your representative online at and

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