These High School Kids Just Humiliated Big Pharma And Martin Shkreli (VIDEO)

Students and instructors from Sydney Grammar School

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli is back in the news again. This time, however, the news is astonishingly refreshing for a change. A group of heroic high school kids from Sydney, Australia Grammar School has made the same key ingredient for Shkreli’s  infamous Daraprim for the cost of one twenty dollar bill. Shkreli charged an equivalent of $110,000 U.S. dollars! One tablet made by the high school students cost $2 compared to $750 dollars for Shkreli’s company Turing Pharmaceuticals!

See the video below:

Shkreli has been reviled for price gouging, attempting to buy the gun that shot Trayvon Martin, and for paying a ludicrous $2 million for Wu-Tang Clan album. Clearly there is much to revile there.

News of the Sydney schoolkids has been likened to ‘taking down the most hated man in the world.’ He’s been lampooned as a possible cabinet pick for Trump as well:

What these kids from Australia have effectively done is not just show up Shkreli, but also the price gouging of Big Pharma as a whole. Will it take schoolkids to wake America up to the need for price regulation in the health care industry? America’s prices are the highest in the world. Other advanced countries pay roughly half of what is charged in the states. Price regulation tethered to prices outside of America, where our prices are not allowed to soar beyond a percentage point of the world price is certainly called for. Unrestrained capitalism in the area of health care has created a system that gouges people’s savings when it should and must be about saving lives.

This news is a prime example of the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry in America. The news of these students showing up the Pharma Bro is especially timely, considering House passage of the 21st Century Cures Act Bill has been scathingly criticized by Bernie Sanders. It’s the second time the House has approved the Cures Act, and may allow drugs to be approved ‘with only limited evidence of the drug’s safety and efficacy,’ while doing nothing about soaring prices.

“At a time when Americans pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, this bill provides absolutely no relief for soaring drug prices,” said Bernie Sanders. “The greed of the pharmaceutical industry has no limit, and this bill includes numerous corporate giveaways that will make drug companies even richer… It’s time for Congress to stand up to the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, not give them more handouts.”



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