Christian Mom Encounters Transgender Woman In Bathroom: These ‘Ghastly Things’ Happened Next

Christian mom meets transgender woman in public bathroom, here's what happens next.

This Christian mom shared a public bathroom with a transgender woman…And nothing bad happened.

Haley Power, a Christian mom, was in a public bathroom with her three very young children when — horror of horrors! —  the unthinkable happened: While she was changing her baby’s diaper, they encountered a transgender woman. No wonder we have all those transgender bathroom bills.

As Haley Power explained on her Facebook page, this mother and her babies were completely defenseless.

I shared a bathroom with a transgender woman today. I had my 3 babies, a duffel sized diaper bag, 2 dirty diapers and 0 patience. I also had 0 handguns and my husband, a voting republican, was certainly not there.

She then asks rhetorically, “Do you know what ghastly things happened to me?” As Haley Power’s readers no doubt sucked in their breath and braced themselves for the tales of horror and perversion to follow, she relates what the transgender woman did next:

“She handed me my wipes when I dropped them off the table. She had the audacity to smile at me and tell me that my children are beautiful. Then she proceeded to act all nonchalant and walk in a stall to do her business. Crazy right!”

Yup. That was it. Nothing scary happened at all.

You know what didn’t happen? I didn’t get molested! I wasn’t grabbed inappropriately, and I actually didn’t feel scared!

Haley Power then explains to all the hysterical right-wing Christians out there what really scares women about public bathrooms:

Using a bathroom at a gas station with no door makes me feel scared. Using a bathroom at a drive in movie theatre puts me in a compromising situation.

Transgender women are the least of this mother’s fears when it comes to public bathrooms:

Using the bathroom with a transgender woman (who has been victimized the better part of her life I am sure!) who APOLOGIZED TO ME FOR POTENTIALLY MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE didn’t scare me at all, though? I have cried for her, to her, and about her all afternoon.

Haley Power even snarkily points out the sheer hypocrisy of the false logic behind anti-transgender bathroom bills when compared to her conservative Christian audience’s pro-gun rhetoric:

People! Your wives and daughters aren’t safe in a public restroom as it is! If you believe that criminals obey the law, then I am certain you’re voting to abolish guns for the protection of your family, too? Right? Wait….

Because when push comes to shove, the scariest thing is hate:

Use your common sense, stay alert, and be so cautious of your surroundings, but especially of your words. If you put your hate out into the world, it might just turn around and be your little boy who decides that he is a woman one day. Stop the hate!


Here’s the Facebook post:

Christian mom Haley Power's Facebook post about sharing a public bathroom with a transgender woman.

If only more people had Haley Power’s sympathy for the transgender people they encounter. The statistics for these vulnerable individuals are alarming and it starts while they’re still minors and in school. The National LGBTQ Task Force conducted a study and found that 41 percent of all respondents said they had attempted to commit suicide. The national estimated rate for the general population is 1.6 percent.

  • For those who’d been bullied, harassed or assaulted in school, half of the respondents said they’d tried to commit suicide.
  • These rates climb dramatically for those who’d been bullied (59 percent), physically attacked (76 percent), or sexually assaulted (69 percent) by teachers.
  • 35 percent of those bullied in school turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.
  • 25 percent report that they are either homeless or have been homeless, vs.14 percent of those who weren’t bullied in school.

Live Science adds that in a survey of over 7,000 transgender people run by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality in 2010 a “staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.” In addition, 19 percent are turned away for medical care because of their non-gender conformity, and two percent have actually been assaulted in a doctor’s office. Transgender people are also at higher risk for HIV and mental health issues.

Featured image/Composite by Shellby Benedict: Public Domain Pixabay (public restroom); cc 2011 Udo Grinberg via Wikimedia Commons.

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