‘Dreamer’ Targeted By ICE For Deportation After Speaking Out On Immigration (VIDEO)


Trump is notorious for his stance on immigration. Especially those of more tanned complexions. In fact, it seems the only time he is a fan of immigrants is when he can bring them in for seasonal work at one of his hotels, resorts, or golf courses. One thing he said he wouldn’t do, however, is target “dreamers”, immigrants who were brought here illegally as children, and deport them. It appears Trump told yet another lie. Meet Daniela Vargas, a Dreamer from Argentina.

Daniela was brought to the United States as a seven-year-old girl. She grew up in this nation. Her friends and whole life are in this nation. But for a couple of documents, Daniela is as American as donut hamburgers and funnel cake.

Just last month in late February, Daniela had the pleasure of hiding in her closet as ICE took her father and brother at their home in Jackson, Mississippi.

Though Ms. Vargas, age 22, was waiting for the paperwork to go through to renew her DACA status (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), she could not contain herself. She had to let her stifled voice be heard and speak out against the rending of her family and her hopes for immigration reform.

This prompted Ms. Vargas, a child immigrant having lived in the United States for over 15 years, to attend a press conference where she let her voice be heard.

Trump’s Lie About Not Targeting A Single Dreamer Has Victims And Consequences 

As she departed the conference, Immigration and Customs Enforcement pounced and arrested her. She was subsequently arrested and is currently being held in Louisiana awaiting deportation without a court hearing.

“She was targeted for speaking out against the ICE enforcement actions in the Jackson area and for going public with her story. We want to send a message to ICE that they cannot behave in this manner that targets people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.” – Michelle Lapointe, senior staff attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Looks like Trump’s ICE isn’t just targeting the “bad hombres”. He is breaking apart families and even has designs on separating families that are fleeing hardships and violence in nations to the south in search of a better life. You know, like the original Dreamer crowd that many of our forbearers were part of when they came here. Without documents.

Ms. Vargas had this to say in regards to her detainment:

“I don’t understand why they don’t want me. I mean, I can’t help that I was brought here but I don’t know anything else besides being here and I didn’t realize that until I was in a holding cell last night for 5 hours. I was brought here. I didn’t choose to be here. And when I was brought here I had to learn a whole new country and leave behind the one that I did know. And I barely knew that one. I feel, I strongly feel that I should be given a chance to be here and do something good and work in this economy. There’s so much I can bring to the table, so much like I can even teach music. I’m an excellent trumpet player. You can ask my mom about any of that. I’m great with math, I speak Spanish. You know, there’s a lot of stuff I can do for this country that they’re not allowing me to do. I even tried to join the military but I can’t do that. But, I mean, that’s not the point. The whole point is that i would do anything for this country.”

So, a young woman who is willing to sign up and put her life on the line for the United States and the people living in it, something many can’t or won’t do, is now facing deportation from a country she so obviously loves.

According to a report from the L.A Times:

“Last week, ICE issued a public statement indicating that Vargas’ case would be heard before an immigration judge. However, federal officials have served Vargas paperwork noting they plan to deport her to Argentina without a court hearing, because she allegedly entered the U.S. under a ‘Visa Waiver Program’ and waived her right to contest removal.”

When did ripping families apart and deporting people who want to voluntarily serve in our armed forces become the American thing to do? The Christian thing to do? The right thing to do? When did we become the land of the fearful and the home of crushing the hopes of a dreamer?


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