Anti-LGBT Group 1Million Moms Attacks ‘Doc McStuffins’ On Facebook

1 million moms attack doc mcstuffins

A group that calls itself 1 Million Moms (1MM) on Facebook, though they have only a paltry 90k fans on the page, is attacking a Disney Jr. cartoon. They admit it was “clean” before, but now, this cartoon is evil. Why? Because they featured a “family with two mommies.”

The horror (/sarcasm font) as pointed out by Greg Hogben on Twitter:

According to 1MM’s poorly sourced, sparse article (we read it so you don’t have to click in and pay them for their drivel, if you’d like to tell them how you feel, here is their Facebook) in this episode children will learn about needing an emergency plan for disasters and a family will, gasp, hug each other on television:

The preview clearly states “the doll family” consists of two females and two children. One mother and child get separated from the other mother and child, but reunite in end with a family hug. The plot of the story is the family gets separated in an earthquake because they do not have an emergency plan.

The popular children’s cartoon features a little girl who is a doctor that cares for all the stuffed animals and toys who come to her for help. “Doc McStuffins” features lessons like “don’t be afraid of the doctor,” share, and be kind to others, as well as encouraging children of non-white descent and girls to dream about the medical field.

But none of that matters to the 1MM fans, because Disney has “sold its soul to the devil,” and is pushing the “‘Gay’ agenda.”:

Apparently, the fact that the creator of the cartoon Chris Nee is a lesbian didn’t make the show evil, simply showing the reality of families with two same-sex parents did. However, that same woman wanting to promote a culture of understanding and acceptance in the cartoon is twisted by 1MM horribly to fit their Christian supremacist agenda. The article claims that Nee “stated” she would “instill subtle messages about sexual orientation into the storyline.” They use an unsourced leading question from an “on line interviewer” and the following quote to “back that up,” despite the fact that the quotes don’t support their statement:

Interview question: Even though this is a kid’s show and we’re not going to see gay storylines, how do you instill subtle messages about acceptance and how people are different? Is that always in the back of your head when doing these shows?

Chris Nee: Definitely. My son [Theo] has two moms and it’s a huge part of my life as a human being and it’s been an incredible part of the way that I see the world and the way I see characters and the way I want to create characters who are incredibly accepting of each other and whatever is happening in their life. I think that I work very hard on creating the family of friends. I like to create a world that’s a world of friends who are just extraordinary at supporting each other in whatever they’ve doing — my own biological family is an amazing family but I think that classic story of gay kids is that you end up creating that family of friends and that’s always reflected in my work.

Nope, there is no promise to sneak LGBT propaganda into the kiddies brains in the above quote. That really doesn’t seem to matter to them though, what does is that (they believe) some poor 5-year-old is going to want to be a doctor but then suddenly catch the gay retroactively due to watching “Doc McStuffins” and go to hell.

One commenter lamented that you never know when seeing this could “pop out,” ostensibly thinking simply seeing that some families have two mommies will make their kids gay. The lack of reality here is pretty disturbing.

These people hate LGBT people so much, the idea of having an LGBT child makes them burn toys. Toys that are associated with nothing but good except the fact that one time, two moms were featured as co-parents. Because apparently,  these people believe you can catch the gay from a child’s toy doctor for stuffed animals.

The facebook post wasn’t all bad though, at least one guy had his “comedian” hat on, his scattered comments peppered with MAGA and such were a greatly needed comic relief, like this Satan’s Seagull comment:

So, if you have kids and want them to grow up to see all families as deserving of love and acceptance, please call, write an email, or go to to express your support for this great program:

Here is the contact information that was given by 1 Million Moms:


In case you aren’t familiar with “Doc McStuffins,” watch this clip courtesy of Youtube:

Featured image via screen capture via Youtube

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