DETROIT DEBATE: Rubio Talks Issues — Trump Responds With Insults And Brags About His ‘Member’ (VIDEO)

Fireworks happened early tonight. Fox News analyst Brett Bair called out Marco Rubio stating just three weeks ago that he wouldn’t ‘sink to the level’ of personal attacks and insults. Rubio responded by basically saying ‘Trump deserved it.’ He then challenged Trump to an ‘issues-based debate’ and campaign.

Trump’s response? He acted like he was going to take it back, but like a schoolyard smart-ass, Trump threw a left-handed compliment at him (a compliment that is really an insult) by first saying he ‘takes it back’ that he called Senator Rubio a lightweight. He then followed up with saying that he is ‘not that much of a lightweight.’ Trump then went on to circle back to a subject that no one had brought up … his hands.

Obviously, Marco’s inference that Trump’s small hands equals a small ‘member’ had gotten under Donald ‘the stud’s’ skin.

‘He hit my hands. No one has ever talked about my hands. Look at those hands, are they small hands? AND, he referred to my hands that if they are small, something else must be small. I GUARANTEE you there is no problem there.’

Check out the blue clip HERE:

By the way, this is NOT the first time someone has ‘hit’ Trump’s hands. John Oliver reported that Trump has had a running feud with a reporter who said he had small hands since the 1990’s. Another Trump lie. Rubio might be a hypocrite for doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do less than two weeks after making the pledge, but Trump showed who the real obstinate bully who can’t help himself is in quick form tonight.


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