He Got His Citizenship For Christmas And His Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)


In a year when there is just so much for so many to feel bad about, it is nice to see something so uplifting for a change. That is exactly what we see when Prince gets his US citizenship for Christmas.

A Long Struggle For Citizenship Finally Pays Off

The time, money, and effort that goes into actually obtaining your U.S citizenship can be staggering. Especially if you aren’t already well off when you try to come here.

The process is long and arduous and very costly. Immigrants applying for citizenship have to know more about American civics and history than many natural born citizens do according to USA Today. Only 65% of natural born citizens could get the required 6 out of 10 answers correct which are required of those seeking to become citizens that immigrated here from another nation.

“If we are civic illiterates, the chances of losing our freedom is greater than being invaded by aliens or a foreign country,” said Michael Ford, director of the Center for the Study of the American Dream at Xavier University which conducted the study published by USA Today.

Many Americans agree. A separate study showed that around 70% thought all American citizens should have to pass the test while 60% thought it should be required before graduating High School.

It can take several long years and about $680 for a person to get their citizenship. This after paying $1140 to become a permanent resident simply leaves the American dream out of reach for so many.

Prince, a Pre-Med biology major, just had six long years finally pay off when his family surprised him with his citizenship for Christmas.

The citizenship papers had arrived in the mail but his family had decided it would make for a wonderful Christmas surprise.  His reaction was downright priceless.

That this young man was able to get his citizenship after such a long wait and such incredible cost is truly a Christmas miracle.

Watch the video below and feel free to go on Twitter and congratulate Prince on what is definitely a lifetime achievement.



(featured image via screengrab)

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