ATTENTION: White Racist America.  Thug Is My Word, And You Are Not Getting It Back

white people bandying about the word "thug."

White “Christian”©®™ conservative and racist Murica‘ likes to bandy about the word “Thug” as if it was their word.

It is not. I am taking it back from these knuckle dragging miscreants.  They do not deserve it, and it is dangerous for them to possess it.  I propose we adopt Federal legislation that makes any of these bigots found in possession of the word “Thug” a hate crime punishable by public shaming.

Donald Trump hosts what is effectively a Klan rally and all of his followers spew the venom of misinformed malice upon that which is unfamiliar in a desperate and flagellating effort to make up the meaning of America as only applicable to their self-interests.  It is the last bastion of a waning empire of entitlement.  It is the foaming rabidity to rage against the reality that they are not special.  It is the best attempt of low information stupid to cat call at their own cacophony of an unjust cause.  In order to make it all better, the rest of our diversified nation must be not only wrong, but we must be Thugs, especially if we are black or brown.

If we see injustice in the form of unwarranted police brutality that results in the death of a human being and we rise up to oppose it?

We immediately become Thugs.

If we say George Zimmerman was not a pleasurable and pleasing person to have on the Neighborhood “Watch”, then we are Thugs.

Trayvon Martin and his Skittles?

Clearly a Thug.

Michael Brown in Ferguson?


The protestors who then screamed out in fear at a system of government that did not represent them or their families?

All of them Thugs.

They wish to claim the word Thug as if it were their excuse to explain the nature of their idiotic cognitive dissonance- their own self-loathing hatred for the mantle of entitled discontent at losing privilege that never belonged to them in the first place.  They use it freely when cornered by the internalized faux righteousness they possess to define and label the indignation any human with empathy (and two IQ points to rub together) has to rise up and fight against the tyranny of their “moral” blathering and hatred and fear of the unknown.

The word Thug does not belong to you anymore.  I am taking it back.


It is my word and I like it.  To the bigots and zealots and the fear-filled racists of my Country?  It is not your word anymore.  It belongs to me now, and I will use it for its intended purpose and meaning.

Dick Cheney is the white Thug overlord.

Donald Trump is a vile and misogynistic Thug.

Ted Cruz is a creepy Thug.

Rush Limbaugh is a fat blowhard Thug.

George Bush is a special needs Thug.

FOX News is a lying Thug.

The Koch Brothers are greedy Thugs.

Tony Perkins and Focus on the Family are Thugs, and Jesus hates you.

Ted Nugent is a Thug, an insane Thug, but a Thug.

The KKK are cowardly Thugs.

The NRA are murderous Thugs.

Halliburton is a for-profit death whore Thug.

All racists are Thugs (obviously).

Ann Coulter is a nasty exhibitionist Thug.

Paul Ryan is an Ayn Randian Thug (at least he was until he realized Ayn Rand was an Atheist… Ooops).

North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory is a public restroom obsessed homophobic Thug.

Bill O’Reilly is a narcissistic Thug.

Sean Hannity is a Thug, a stupid Thug, but a Thug.

Thug is my word now, and you are not getting it back.

Steve Rothrock, Staff Writer
American News X

Featured Image: Composed by Matthew Silvan

Image Credits:
Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)
youtube screenshot

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