Your Argument Is Invalid Because I Have A Tank

America has a dirty little habit.  Do not tell anyone I said so.  I do not want her cognitive dissonance to be revealed without proper psychotropic medication being readily available on a national scale to manage the fallout.

We equate victory in our filthy little corporate PermaWars with morality.

That is not a virtue.  It is not even a moral dilemma.  That is like saying one’s moral compass is truer than another’s moral compass because of the size of their bank account, or their ability to win a drunken bar brawl with boorish backstabbery and bombastic baboonery.

America is drunk, and ready for a fight.  And the world is our bar.

We use the term “foreign policy” as if it were an instruction manual to forge fellowship with the Heathens abroad.  We do not do this.  We do not even come remotely close.  We drop ridiculously expensive bombs from even more ridiculously expensive planes on $100 tents, and blow up humans, who may be terminally insane with indescribably loathsome rage at the hegemonic “diplomacy” we daily inflict on the “brown world.”

This is not righteousness.  It does not even protect us from ISIS shooting up the deli counter at the local Walmart in Wabash.

Now this will be irritating for many from the Fright Wing to hear.  I know.  I know.  However, it is becoming crystal clear.  Our foreign policy for profit on our PermaWars is more the reason for the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels than ISIS.  It just is.  Why Paris and Brussels, and not Wabash and its Walmart?

Because America is truly fortunate for her lucky geography surrounded by two massive oceans, Canada and Mexico, and our amazing natural resources.  The ISIS Navy has yet to figure out how to paddle their two canoes across the Atlantic.  I hear they are upgrading to a motor boat with parts taken from abandoned Humvees we left behind in Iraq- so that will mean we need 14 more Aircraft Carriers, and new squadron of F35s for strategic ocean warfare.

America is the most frightened and frightening nation in human history, and we do not see the Devil in the details.  Hillary Clinton said her vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat ISIS, and that might be true.  However, that “vote” along with many, many other votes created ISIS. That is the forest from the trees forming our corporate creed for greed that has become the cause of our self-inflicted wounds.

We are not a totalitarian regime.  We are a Socialized Democracy.  In that capacity we must manufacture fear-based consent for a foreign policy that compels the fearful to vote against their interests in a manner that feels like justice.

But it is not justice.

This is not a foreign policy agenda we currently are engaged in abroad.  It is corporate war for profit.  Saying someone like Bernie Sanders does not have a detailed platform for managing our PermaWars is like saying that he does not have a coherent strategy developed for putting babies on spikes.

We do not need to be a global weapon of mass destruction.  We have it within us to become the global force for mass creation.

“Humanity has the option to become successful on our planet if we reorient world production away from weaponry – from killingry to livingry. Can we convince humanity in time?” Buckminster Fuller


Steve Rothrock, Staff Writer and Enemy of Fear and Loathing
American News X


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