You’ll Never Guess What This Family Of Three Tried To Sneak Past U.S. Customs Agents At NY’s JFK Airport


Upon returning from their Jamaican vacation in Montego Bay on Thursday evening, Daniel Hanson, his wife Maria Blake-Hanson and their 11-year-old daughter seemed to be traveling just a tad bit heavier than they did on they did when they originally departed for this family vacation in paradise. United States Customs Agents reported noticing that the family’s black attache case, as well as a Swiss Gear backpack, seemed unusually heavy, even after all of the contents were removed from the family’s luggage (according to a complaint in a Brooklyn Court where the Couple was brought to be arraigned, Yesterday).

This immediately prompted U.S. Customs Agents to conduct a more thorough search of the two pieces of carry-on luggage in question, at which point they discovered both bags to be containing powder cocaine, discreetly hidden inside the lining of the two bags. Approximately 3 kilos (about 6.6 pounds) of raw, powder cocaine were ceased by U.S. Customs Agents from inside of the family’s bags.

After the Customs Agents discovered the cocaine, the couple reportedly cooperated fully with authorities. They even admitted to having a “drug dealer cousin” who essentially made them an offer they felt that they simply could not refuse. Allegedly this cousin offered the couple $8,000 if they agreed to smuggle the 3 kilos back into the U.S. with them upon returning from their family vacation.

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