The Worst Senator Ever Mitch McConnell Reaches A New Low

When a future Howard Zinn sits down to write the history of the United States from 1980-2020, they will note that Mitch McConnell did more to harm the United States than any famous traitor in world history. It seems that the People of Kentucky are now in agreement, with McConnel’s approval rating plummeting beyond even Trump’s.

About that harm done to the US: McConnell as minority leader, filibustered over 400 times during the Obama administration for no other reason than spite. The rule became if Obama was for it, they filibustered it. McConnell famously filibustered one of his own proposals after Harry Reid called on of his bluffs:

When Trump campaigned on the promise to make Healthcare great and easy, McConnell promised to follow suit but the question the common voters and most of the media failed to ask was, “great for whom?” It turns out what McConnell and the rest of the Republicans meant was, great for their campaign donors. Republicans are anything but unpredictable but they are remarkably adept at lying with a straight face.

Trump and his minions have regularly bragged that they have created 50,000 new coal jobs since rescinding several of President Obama’s regulations which garnered EPA Director Scott Pruitt several Pinnochios from Politifact:

The people of Kentucky have finally wised up to the fact that The Great Obstructionist does not have their best interest at heart after he proposed gutting not only Obamacare but Medicaid. Mitch’s promise to “fix” healthcare was intent, instead, on cutting taxes on the rich. If it is better for them and worse for the people, in Mitch’s book, that’s better. Kentucky voters have noticed that the Senator from Koch intends to do them harm.

Public Policy completed a poll which was published today and it shows Mitch McConnell is floundering among Kentucky voters. McConnell has an 18% approval rate which is ten points below lice, brussels sprouts, and colonoscopies. After the disastrous Trumpcare debacle, Trump himself began kicking McConnell like an angry jackass rather than accept blame for the failed bill.

One can hardly imagine how Trump believes embarrassing the Senate Majority Leader in such a way will get him to advance any part of his agenda but “tax reform.” McConnell is going to have his hands full passing a debt-ceiling increase with his own party. 2020 is the next election for McConnell but if the political winds continue to blow him an 18% approval rating, the country might finally be rid of at least one of the four horsemen.

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