It Is Now Legal For Employers To Discriminate Against Women

It’s not enough for the Trump Administration that the House of Representatives just passed a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks (based on unproven claims); the Administration has today, Friday, issued a new rule allowing employers to opt out of covering birth control for their employees for “moral reasons.”

The Office of the Federal Register today added a document on their website to be published on October 13, and even though the document is yet unpublished, you can download it freely. We took a look, and here’s the text of the “summary”:

“The United States has a long history of providing conscience protections in the regulation of health care for entities and individuals with objections based on religious beliefs or moral convictions. These interim final rules expand exemptions to protect moral convictions for certain entities and individuals whose health plans are subject to a mandate of contraceptive coverage through guidance issued pursuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

These rules do not alter the discretion of the Health Resources and Services Administration, a component of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, to maintain the guidelines requiring contraceptive coverage where no regulatorily recognized objection exists. These rules also provide certain morally objecting entities access to the voluntary “accommodation” process regarding such coverage. These rules do not alter multiple other Federal programs that provide free or subsidized contraceptives for women at risk of unintended pregnancy.”

This is a very sneaky way of appeasing the anti-choice, “Pro-Life” crowd (we prefer to call them Pro-Fetus) after the multiple failures to repeal ObamaCare. It’s especially hypocritical for Trump, who reportedly said to Marla Maples when she told him she was pregnant: “‘Well, what are we going to do about this?” But hypocrisy seems par for the course here.

In the unpublished document, one of the arguments for the new rule is that “several contraceptive methods that many persons and organizations believe are abortifacient—that is, as causing early abortion…” is reason enough to allow employers to opt out. The key word here is “believe” because science states that most contraceptives, in fact, are not abortifacients, but – as we all know – the Pro-Fetus people don’t really care about facts, only emotions.

If the Trump Administration thinks that this measure will prevent teenagers from having sex and getting pregnant, thus preventing teen abortions, it is in for a “yuge” surprise because it’s been proven time and again that sex ed and easy (and cheap) access to birth control actually prevents teen pregnancies. If teenagers want to have sex, they’re going to find a way to have it, regardless of parents, legislation, and/or access to contraceptives.

No matter what they think this will accomplish, what it has accomplished is allowing employers to discriminate against women based on their religion. This is tragic for American women.

Watch this space.

Featured image via Planned Parenthood

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Mrs. Facts is a world citizen living in Denmark, and she is very concerned about the current political and religious climate in the United States of America, all due to the fact that what happens in the U.S. has a tendency to resonate throughout the rest of the world.

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