Wisconsin Protesters Erupt At Electors ‘You Have Sold Us Out!’ (VIDEO)


Many have been holding high hopes that electors would have a spine this election year. It is a quality that seems lacking in many government officials when it comes to making the tough decisions that benefit the people and not themselves or wealthy benefactors. Those hopes have been dashed as Trump crossed the line to 270 and will now officially become the President of The United States despite a more than 2.8 million popular vote loss. Some Wisconsin voters were not going to take this lying down.

“You’re pathetic! You don’t deserve to be in America!” Wisconsin Protesters Show Us They Have More Than Just Great Cheese. They Have Gumption.

“The votes are ten votes for Donald J. Trump,” said Brad Courtney, chairman of Wisconsin’s Republican Party who also chaired the Electoral College meeting.

Upon this announcement the room erupted and one woman would make sure she was heard.

The video shows the woman standing and taking on the electors and expressing the outrage that most Americans are feeling at this botched and manipulated election.

“You have sold us out! Listen to your hearts!” She cries.

One Texas elector wrote on the 5th of December that he would not be casting his vote for The Donald:

“The United States was set up as a republic. Alexander Hamilton provided a blueprint for states’ votes. Federalist 68 argued that an Electoral College should determine if candidates are qualified, not engaged in demagogy, and independent from foreign influence. Mr. Trump shows us again and again that he does not meet these standards. Given his own public statements, it isn’t clear how the Electoral College can ignore these issues, and so it should reject him.”

He resigned his position to avoid casting his vote for Trump.

We are certainly in for a bumpy ride over the next four years with a fascist oligarch at the head of our government. If you were worried about having politicians in the pockets of the corrupt and wealthy before, have no fear. The wealthy and corrupt now run the nation outright.

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