Nefarious Nepotism: Will The White House Be A Trump Family Affair? (Video)

After the initial horror of the election results wore off, I realized that this was not the time for us to cower, cry, whine or make plans to move to Canada. This is the time for a collective, concentrated, concise resistance of any “Un-American” policies President Donald J. Trump tries to ram down our throats come January. This is the time for a glaring spotlight on his every current move; from who he appoints and nominates, to his children/son-in-law flagrant conflict of interest and the potential danger of his business ties both nationally and internationally.

Trump has never released his taxes and so we will have a president whose business is shrouded in secrecy. He has repeatedly boasted of having an empire than spans the globe. So just how vast is his business and how many countries are they tied to? Who does he owe and how much? If he is indebted to Chinese banks and Russian oligarchs, can he be manipulated, blackmailed into putting America at risk? Moreover, if his children are going to run his business and simultaneously use the White House as a revolving door to access daddy president– what’s going to stop them from enriching themselves from that kind of unprecedented access? Daughter Ivanka is already raising conflict of interest questions by hawking a$10,000 plus bracelet she wore during the 60 Minutes interview. Wife Melania Trump’s QVC line is being advertised on a U.S. government website paid for by tax payers.

Where are the checks and balances? Are the American people supposed to just trust the Trumps? Daddy said he wanted to go drain the swamp in Washington but it is becoming quite obvious that he will not only be swimming in it but deepening the cesspool. The potential for massive corruption here is mind boggling. To add to that litany of potential ethical violations, Trump reportedly inquired about top security clearance for his adult children—the same children who will be running his business–a business that should be run by a blind trust.

To reiterate, Trump wants to drain the swamp but is bringing lots of swamp dwellers with him to Washington. And “swamp like” behavior is already muddying his transition. His most trusted un-official advisor, son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly used his influence to get Governor Chris Christie and his team fired. Some in the media are referring to this shakeup as a “Stalin-esque Purge.” All because when he was a federal prosecutor, Christie sent Kushner’s corrupt billionaire daddy to prison. Trump is allowing Nepotism to wield a heavy hammer and he hasn’t even begun his presidency yet.

Trump is also messing with the press, blocking them from having access traditionally given by all presidents before him. On Tuesday, unknown to them, Trump broke protocol and visited the 21 club, a swanky restaurant for the rich in New York City, where he was seen promising the one percenters tax cuts—which was met by haughty applause. This wasn’t the first time Trump has gone black on the media and he has vilified them throughout the campaign. Check out video below.

So forget what President Obama said about giving him a chance. Trump cannot have it both ways. He can’t put someone who shouldn’t even have clearance to visit the White House–in one of the top positions in his cabinet and expect Americans to give him the benefit of the doubt. And make no mistake, white “nationalist” Steve Bannon will eat Reince Preibus for breakfast. The RNC chair is no match for this shark.

Likewise, forget what the media and pundits are trying to get you to digest. There is no normalizing this presidency. On top of the toxicity he spewed on the campaign trail, there is now this added maze of stunning ineptness of the transition team, questionable nepotism, monetizing the presidency, the troubling Russian connection and Trump’s incredible policy deficiency.

Maybe if he came down from that golden tower where he’s ensconced and addressed the protesters and fire the bigot he just hired… Americans protesting may reconsider. But his speech has to be filled with contrition.

And we know that would never happen. Cowards and bullies do not ever admit their follies. In fact without any proof, he had taken to Twitter to label the protesters “professional” rabble rousers who were “paid” to cause disturbances. Rudy Giuliani, angling for a top position in Trump’s cabinet, took it a step further and called them  “goons and thugs.” If they took the time to investigate, they would see that most of those protesting in front Trump Tower were college age whites and that they marched every night peacefully chanting “not my president.” They should be happy our young are engaged politically. Isn’t this what Democracy looks like?


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One thing is certain, we are living in incredibly precipitous times and though it looks gloomy from the top, all is definitely not lost. Activism has awoken to heady heights; citizen involvement deeply refreshing and civics awareness is growing daily. Moreover, a revolution of spirit and togetherness is undulating throughout the land. So do not despair-- for a resilient, united, vigilant people can move mountains and overcome anything.

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