Will The Behavior Of A Few ‘Bad’ Men, Derail Hillary Clinton?

Shackled and shadowed by her husband’s bad behavior, blamed and castigated for it by a man who himself embodied worse--to now have Weiner’s filthy baggage instigate another FBI probe—must feel like it’s raining deplorable men.

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to catch a break, for just when she was enjoying a comfortable lead on her opponent, the gap began to narrow. No one could say what the definitive cause was. The unearthed 11-year-old audio with Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women had been hugely beneficial. She had a noticeable spring in her step following that debacle and the bump reflected favorably in the polls. Now, shockingly, more email troubles have surfaced.

The FBI is reportedly taking steps to begin a second probe into the Democratic presidential nominee after an investigation of Anthony Weiner revealed new emails between Clinton and his wife Huma Abedin on a computer they both shared. Weiner was being investigated because of his alleged online sexual communication with a 15-year-old girl. Clinton has called on the FBI Director James B. Comey to release the full transcript of that inquiry. Remember, Comey had found no basis to charge Clinton when he revealed his findings about the private server she kept at home while she was Secretary of State. But during that July press conference, he did call what she did ”extremely careless.”

Which begs the question, what is Comey up to now? Trying to balance the sex scandals by muddying the Democratic side with Weiner? This kind of probe so late in the game just smells a tad sour. The trick here is the Dems have called him an unbiased, straight shooter, busting with integrity so can they accuse him of trying to affect the outcome of the election at this stage?

Speaking of election, it is barely two weeks away and this thrusts the emails back into the spotlight, which doesn’t board well for Clinton. Now Trump has ammunition to deflect from his many troubles and in typical Trump fashion, he is fanning the smoke hoping for flames. He is absurdly calling this worse than Watergate and his rabid supporters are eating it up. Incidentally, he had brought up Weiner having access to classified information because of being married to Abedin, Clinton’s top aide. He had called Weiner a “pervert” which to some is the pot calling the kettle black. But will voters remember Trump’s numerous deplorable antics or will they remember him pointing to the former Congressman (D-NY) as a potential problem because of his connection with Clinton’s aide?

Poor Hillary. For again the deplorable behavior of another man has thrown more hurdles in her path. The disgraced Weiner has a penchant for sending lewd pics of himself to other women. The surreal thing is Weiner is not even in her orbit at the moment but a few degrees of separation has thrust him full center. Wife Abedin has since left the marriage, though she had given him a second chance after the 2011 X-rated photo sent via Twitter to a college student had surfaced.

The feisty congressman did resign and everyone thought he had learned his lesson but alas, that was hoping for too much. His 2014 attempt at a political comeback didn’t pan out. Then he was caught again, this time the risqué pic shockingly included his 4-year-old son in the background. His wife finally left him but continued to work for Clinton on her campaign. Everyone forgot about the disturbing Weiner until this FBI bombshell.

Is the bad behavior of a few men going to keep Clinton from the White House? She was blamed for the Iraq war that President Bush and his crooked team, with phony Intel, started. Hubby Bill’s Oval Office “oral transgression” and other indiscretions have dogged her for decades and the Republican nominee was only too happy to noisily drag out those skeletons. Trump proceeded to beat her over the head with them mercilessly at every opportunity, failing to see his own deplorable behavior towards women.

Shackled and shadowed by her husband’s bad behavior, blamed and castigated for it by a man who himself embodied lewd, lascivious, philandering and predatory behavior–to now have Weiner’s filthy baggage used to instigate another FBI probe into those darn emails—must feel like it’s raining deplorable men.



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