Trump’s Flip-Flops And Lawlessness Are Driving Our Nation And World Into Chaos

Donald Trump signs executive order with "The Scream" painting as a backdrop

Today is a bizarre new day: Trump Is Under F.B.I. investigation and dropping bombs at the same time.  Searches for the phrase, “World War 3” are at all-time highs in the past week.  Narcissists are known to go to great lengths to redirect attention, and this one has the launch codes. So what exactly can be done about that? It is the fate of the world that hangs in the balance, after all.

If the Electoral College had done the one job that gave their existence possible meaning, it was stopping Trump. They got an F and are complicit in everything he does now.

At first, we contemplated what to do with a pathological liar in the White House, but now it’s waaaay past that. USA Today says it all with the headline: “Is this the start of World War III? That’s what people are worried about”

Though we wouldn’t give much credence today to news from Russia:

“The world is one step closer to nuclear war because Donald Trump is president of the United States, pro-Kremlin TV declared over the weekend.”

So can Congress help us at all, or are they useless?

“The Constitution gives Congress the power to declare wars, fund them, and oversee the way they are fought.” Even if Congress is Republican-controlled at the moment, surely enough of them see the bigger picture here. Who wants to see Trump start World War III just to take Russiagate off the front page?

The recent Syria airstrike took place so suddenly by unilateral action from Trump, raising questions of exactly what role Congress really plays. Article II of the Constitution was cited for Trump to use force overseas to “defend U.S. national interest.”

Unless there is already a declaration of war, The War Powers Resolution of 1973 requires the president to consult with Congress before sending U.S. armed forces into combat. Congress doesn’t strictly have to approve though. The Resolution also grants “leeway to respond to attacks or other emergencies.” Trump is using this authority, without full Congressional approval, to commence with military action in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Obama used the War Powers Resolution to fight Islamic State militant groups, and asked Congress to formally authorize war against the Islamic state in February 2015 – they did not. But today is not 2015: It’s the year that our sitting President is under investigation by the F.B.I., with stories of #Russiagate emerging daily. It just keeps getting worse for Trump on that front, though some on the right are trying their best to hide the obvious trails of smoke.

It was March 22 when Michael Moore first urged the Democrats to declare a national emergency after learning about the FBI investigation.

“For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage,” ~Michael Moore

Today, the investigation continues, and Trump is free to provide new daily distractions. is gathering petition signatures to ask members of Congress to vote “no” and halt Trump’s “march toward war.” More petitions ask for the GOP-led Congress stop blocking the release of his tax returns, which might shed some light on his ties to foreign governments.

Today, The Washington Post is calling Trump ” the most secretive president since Richard Nixon” for refusing to voluntarily disclose names of most visitors to the White House.

Tens of thousands marched on Easter Sunday to demand to see his tax returns, but Trump continues to obstinately refuse, tweeting, “The election is over!” This even though a recent poll by ABC News and the Washington Post shows that 74%  of Americans want to see his taxes.

And once again, we have a tweet from Trump of Christmas Past that seems to foreshadow what current Trump is capable of:

Some in Congress are pointing out that the Constitution requires Trump to get authorization for the further use of force in Syria.

Yet this doesn’t seem adequate by any stretch. This isn’t a normal day, and this isn’t a normal President. He’s still staying at Mar-a-Lago while tensions with North Korea escalate.

Also, he’s still not prepared:

We are all forced to speak up and call our Representatives. Or just text “resist” to resistbot at 50409.

Maybe our relentless voices will be the one thing that could hold us back from the brink of WWIII. #resist

Featured image: Trump signs financial regulation executive with The Scream

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