What’s Behind The Undecided Voter At This 11th Hour? (Video)

Undecided Voter

If there was ever an election with two starkly different candidates, it is this one, yet there are voters who say they still haven’t made a choice. So just who are undecided voters at this 11th hour?

The presidential election is less than a month away and scandals have risen to an unprecedented high. The usual sex, lies, and videotapes found in the political arena have spiraled into stunning predatory bragging, sex assaults accusations, vulgar leaked audios, hacked emails, pending rape, fraud cases and more. The lives of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on full display and some of the laundry aired is beyond dirty—it’s downright filthy. Despite the deep murk, supporters for both nominees are staunchly backing their choice, though some top Republicans have finally jumped from the Trump train.

Independent voters, however, are from a non-partisan ilk. So what is it about both nominees that have left some undecided this late in the game?

One would think the decision would be easier given the choices. Even life-long adversaries of Hillary Clinton are saying the choice is clear this election cycle—voters must put the survival of country and democracy ahead of party politics. They say that clear choice is Clinton because the alternative is too dangerous to even contemplate. But that dire warning doesn’t seem to be working if we still have undecided folks wringing their hands in a quandary.

Two debates have come and gone, with only one left. Maybe they’re waiting for a divine sign to decide?

Comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” recently poked fun at these voters as only he can. With biting wit that can make the least squeamish squirm, Maher called one Mr. Ken Bone of the red sweater (an undecided voter who became famous after he asked a question during the second debate), “comfortably dumb” and “still too stupid to pick Hillary over President P**Y Grabber.”


And he wasn’t done. Maher added that what troubles him even more, is that he lives in a country where half of the people think “Trump the terrible” should be president. Then he went down the lengthy list of deplorable things Trump has said and done during the campaign.

Click the video below to take a listen.

Saturday Night Live also had some fun with Bone and undecided voters but leaving the satire to Maher and SNL, I too am fascinated by this type of voter’s psyche.

So in the interest of deciphering the puzzle, I am going ask the undecided voter, directly: What else do you need to hear that wasn’t on television, talk radio, print, the debates, and the Internet for the past 16 months?

In fact, these two nominees have been in the public eye for decades, which doesn’t make them newcomers. Though “The Donald” hilariously wants to be classified as “anti-establishment.”

The Establishment Argument

Let’s be honest, both of them are part of the establishment. Hillary has been on the inside and Trump had both hands through the window, greedily emptying the cookie jar. Remember he may not have paid taxes for almost two decades.

But there are distinct differences: Hillary has spent most of her adult life in public service, Donald spent his entire life in the family’s real estate business.

Hillary has worked fighting for children, Donald now stands accused of being on the hunt as a sexual predator during the same timeline as women are now coming forward with claims of harassment. And you don’t have to take his many accusers’ words for it—he has told America and the world, in this audio, that he just can’t help kissing and groping women’s private parts without their consent.

Hillary was a Senator…again, serving the public. Donald erected big things for profit, created businesses but bankrupted some of them. He has put his name on some more big things and some of them quickly crashed and burned, others turned out to be fraudulent, cheating vulnerable citizens out of their hard-earned savings. Lawsuits abounded, two from the federal government for housing discrimination against black New Yorkers.

The Atlantic has published a comprehensive ”Cheat Sheet” on Trump, outlining in detail his numerous scandals including sexual assault, housing discrimination lawsuits, fraud and rape cases, bankruptcies and more.

Clinton also has her critics, who point to Benghazi, calling young male black Americans “super predators,” the email server scandal, Clinton Foundation’s alleged “pay for play,” Wall Street profitable speeches and DNC leaked emails targeting Bernie Sanders.

Benghazi, I wouldn’t waste time and energy getting into because Republicans have already done that for us with countless hearings. They grilled Clinton for over 11 hours during one such hearing. The FBI was unable to bring charges against her for her email, server scandal. Since Republicans like to say we have to respect the law, then the law has spoken, case closed. They don’t get to pick and choose which legal decision to accept and which ones to reject.

As for the Clinton Foundation, nothing illegal was found and Trump has his own ”pay to play,” allegation as well as foundation misconduct and alleged illegal practices.

The shenanigans at the DNC points to manipulation of the primary to benefit Hillary., I personally believe that my boy Bernie was grossly treated unfairly. The cozy Wall St. relationship and profiteering are also questionable but she didn’t do anything other top politicians haven’t done—which is part of the problem with Washington. Too much “bed-hopping” between corporations and legislators, putting the conflict of interest meter on high.

Which segues into the morality/integrity issue.

A Facebook friend made the argument that both Clinton and Trump were “morally corrupt” so let’s go with that.

Let us play devil’s advocate and agree for argument sake, they are both morally bankrupt and judge them only on qualifications. When you go job hunting, the first thing potential employers look at is your résumé, right? Undecided voter, you are the employer, in this case, so judge them on their resumes. Does Trump have the qualifications necessary to be President tomorrow? Does Clinton have the qualifications to be President tomorrow?

Let’s go a step further, would Trump hire Trump? Would he put someone in charge of his empire, whose résumé lacked the necessary experience, skills, and credentials, like he lacks, for the job he is applying for—Commander-in-Chief of the United States? If that person told Trump to forget his wide professional shortcomings because he would learn on the job and surround himself with able-bodied people—would that make the candidate fit to run his empire?

What about temperament? Who has displayed a steady hand, discipline, maturity, diplomacy and self-restraint during this campaign and who has been erratic, volatile, nasty, impulsive, insulting and displayed a dangerous lack of self-control?

Moving on to Trump “the brilliant businessman.” His supporters are holding high his so-called “business acumen” as his biggest asset. Since he has hidden his tax returns, no one can definitively assess his business skills, so at best, it’s a guessing game. And one cannot run the country like a business, especially not Trump’s, with over four bankruptcies under his belt and numerous failed ventures and lawsuits.

Then there are qualifications. Here is how each résumé stacks up for the presidency:

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Wellesley College

Yale Law School


Taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law

Partner at the prominent Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Children’s Defense Fund

First Lady of Arkansas

First Lady of the U.S.—HealthCare advocate, worked on healthcare for children

U.S. Senator

Secretary of State

Clinton Foundation


Presidential candidate twice

First Female Presidential nominee


Donald J. Trump

Wharton School of Business

Worked in father’s real estate company

Host/Co-Producer of The Apprentice Reality Show

Real Estate businessman/Owner Trump Organization


Trump Foundation

Now, still undecided? Ok, let me make it personal: Would you want someone without a license driving your children’s school bus? Or the lunch lady running your child’s school? Nothing against lunch ladies, they may be terrific cooks but that’s just it—they are good at what they do, and that’s running the lunchroom, not the school.

And just an aside, one of the candidates have two court cases coming up. Below are the court dates:

November 28 is Trump University fraud trial. He recently mixed that date up with November 8th, Election Day, when he urged his followers at a Florida rally to go vote on November 28th.

December 16th, Trump rape accuser has a federal civil court date. This woman alleged that Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, raped her at sex parties in 1994 when she was just 13 years old. Trump has called Epstein, who is a registered sex offender, a good friend, and a good man. A case of birds of a feather supporting each other?

Additional legal troubles: New York’s attorney general is investigating Trump Foundation.

Still undecided, dear voter? Oh, I would be remiss not to mention Green Party’s Jill Stein, Independent Evan McMullin and “Mr. Aleppo” scandal himself, Libertarian Gary Johnson. Unfortunately, the math is simply not in their favor. Maybe in the future, if people advocate strongly and insistently for more than two viable parties in this country, voters will have several comparable contenders to choose from but until the dawn of that new day, it’s either Clinton or Trump.


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