‘What Do Blacks And Native Americans Have Against Our Flag?’

Native Americans

LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is having a shit fit because black athletes are refusing to stand for the national anthem and Native Americans do not want an oil company pipeline fucking up their property.

When you consider how our government has treated them, why is this such a shocking thing?

Blacks and Native Americans have been lied to, shit on and treated like dirt since the first white Europeans set foot on this continent.

Their rights as fellow human beings have been totally disregarded, stomped on and abused by the “good” Christians running our government since its inception. Their experience does not reflect the “Land of the Free” chorus in any way, shape or form. Is it any wonder that some blacks refuse to honor the flag of a country that, to this day, continues to treat them as second-class citizens? Every single treaty signed by Native Americans has been violated and ignored. To add insult to injury, they have been placed in concentration camps called “reservations” until big business “needs” their reservations to make more money. Then they are further abused and their sacred lands, once again, violated in the name of “progress” which is corporate speak for “unbridled greed.”

How in the world can we present ourselves to the rest of the world as bastions of democracy when our own house is in such a pitiful state?

One can only imagine how terrible it must be, in their homelands, when Muslim refugees want to come here for relief. We can only achieve true greatness when we treat all our citizens the same and stop bending over backwards to make life better for corporations.

Vote BLUE in November to truly “Make America Greater”.

You can reach me at theliberalredneck@gmail.com and you can visit with me every Thursday evening at 10:00PM CST on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/theliberalredneck.

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