WATCH: Ted Cruz ‘Debates’ Trump Supporters In A Battle Of (Half) Wits (VIDEO)

This afternoon, the day before the Indiana GOP primary, Ted Cruz decided to ‘get into it’ with some Trump supporters (see video below) outside an event of Cruz’s in the Hoosier state. Amazing is the ‘cult-like‘ devotion of the Trump supporters who are seriously devoid of actual facts and the way Cruz counters them with more snake oil of his own.

For example, after Cruz points out Trump’s claim that soldiers will obey his every order, even if illegal — using the quote of Trump promising to ‘go after the families of terrorists’ in a mafia type fashion. Of course, such an act by a soldier would be a war crime. Cruz is right there — BUT …. the Trump fan turns around and says that Cruz will carpet bomb ‘women and children.’ Cruz tries to push back, promising carpet bombing with surgical precision. Again, a quick fact check would tell any reasonable person that ISIS and other terrorist groups embed themselves with civilian populations on a regular and common basis. So unless Cruz has personally invented a new bomb that can selectively kill the terrorists and leave the innocent children alone, he is just as bad.

The Trump fans basically parrot lines from their leader, shouting things about his wife’s Goldman Sachs connection (because spouses are ‘out of bounds, remember?), Cruz’s Canadian controversy (which really isn’t one, just like the Obama birther stuff was all a farce), and somehow forgot that Trump has supported assault weapon bans and said he ‘hates guns’ while accusing Cruz of not being a staunch defender of his version of the second amendment (Agree or disagree, Cruz has defended the second amendment at the SCOTUS).

Cruz does manage to make one good point. He asks the crowd would they be comfortable if their children were parroting some of the lines and insults that Trump so proudly says and fundraises off of? The crowd actually gave Cruz some applause and cheers there. As they say, even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day.

More importantly than any ‘point scoring’ in this mudslinging, is the sad state to where the GOP has devolved to. Watching this bickering just brings on shaking heads and facepalms as neither side is right. It is like watching Professor Harold Hill vs Tommy Flannagan in an honesty contest that neither is capable of even coming close to winning.

Check out the mayhem and nonsense HERE:

Interesting also in  the video above is a Trump surrogate in the MSNBC studios remarking how bad of an idea it was for Cruz to do this. I am not so sure that is true. I don’t have to agree with Cruz to know that Trump supporters need a big dose of facts and reality vs Trump’s brand of marketing and reality TV style campaigning. The problem for Cruz and the rest of the GOP is that they should have been doing this last summer vs now when it might be too late.

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