‘All I Want For Christmas’ Is A Mulligan, This Cato Scholar Says It’s Possible

Like many Americans, all I want for Christmas is an election do-over, and according to one scholar from the right-wing think-tank Cato Institute, there may be a way, not to repeat the election, but to change the results.

The election is over, and while we’re all waiting on the results of the Electoral college, Donald Trump’s disapproval rating sits at 55%, over half of the nation. The question, “How did we get here?” is a common refrain.

Looking back, perhaps we over-used the declaration of “racist!” since so many on the right believe racism to be the purview of the left.  Perhaps, we truly believed that Americans, by and large, were too rational to put a man who has NO business running a country in the top seat. No doubt we underestimated the hatred for Hillary Clinton.

We seem to have missed the true feelings of those from the middle of the country; that those on the coasts have a sense of superiority, and that the ‘elites’ neither comprehend, nor care, about their plights.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” ― Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

While the majority understood we are being exploited, the Republican-heavy rural mid-west believed their “embarrassed millionaire” status was the result of our determination to stop the exploitation. They subscribe to the idea that poverty is the result of laziness, and a whopping 48% feel the government shouldn’t intervene to correct gaps in economic inequality.  Clearly, in the world-view of those who consider themselves poor and ‘not lazy,’ the fault lies in the regulation of business and the economy. The answer; elect a man who represented them — as embarrassed millionaires — whom they are absolutely sure is good as gold on the inside, despite obvious flaws.

After all, the fact that he presumably hasn’t paid taxes is our fault — we didn’t stop him! But he’ll stop people from taking advantage of our complicated tax system by making it simple and giving tax breaks to millionaires, which they will be able to take advantage of… when they are millionaires also! See?

They saw the coverage, they heard him say, “grab them by the pussy,” but because they just know that when they’re millionaires, people will twist their words and hate them too. So, it didn’t matter. They were merely words, not actions, being twisted by liberals, right?  Even having heard an admission from his own mouth, they believe that the many women who claimed he did in fact “grab” them were all lying.
Oh, and his opponent’s husband, who was not on the ballot, had once had transgressions worse than Trump’s, and besides, she was, in fact, untrustworthy and a murderer of Americans! It was all in the there in the book, Clinton Cash, which spelled out when she was crossed, people died. Right?

Reality and facts need not apply.

But now, some are beginning to see that they’ve elected an actual nightmare. Some of his most die-hard supporters are calling him out, like Sarah Palin who declared his cabinet “Crony Capitalism”, while others find themselves slack-jawed at his swampy administration or dismayed by his response to the alleged Russian interference in the election.

These cracks in the GOP wall are important.

Most know that Trump is a horrendous tragedy of epic proportions. This whiny person is not only unqualified, he is unfit: he is thin-skinned and rife with conflict of interest. Toward women, his attitude is that of 50 years ago. He is already flipping on promises to his voters. He has connections to a foreign power now said to have influenced US elections and is appointing an oil magnate with ties to the same foreign power to his cabinet. He has a fraudulent charity, admitted by its own documents. He named a white supremacist supporting blog owner as his Chief Strategist. Has filled his cabinet so far with the dankest of the swamp dwellers, and the least prepared or qualified, richest picks ever, to boot. He has constantly attacked the first amendment, attacked private citizens for exercising it, and blatantly rewarded loyalty over ability from the wings of the top office of this land.

All this just since he was elected.

We are headed downhill, fast ― that “basket” once designated for “deplorables” is shaping up to be the proverbial “handbasket” whisking us all to hell. There is no way around it without extreme measures. No way without sacrifice.

We aren’t going to get the electoral college Republicans to flip to Hillary Clinton, they simply despise her too much. They won’t forgive the email server, nor will they accept that she’s not to blame for Benghazi. Many subscribe to the crazy conspiracy theories that she’s a murderer, and they aren’t about to change their minds. Ever. Perhaps one or two see the danger in Trump, and will flip, but the gesture will be symbolic at best.

A Novel Idea:

What we can “do” to circumvent a Trump presidency has been widely discussed, but an idea recently floated by a Cato Institute scholar might actually work:

The only way Democrats stand any chance of persuading Republican electors to abandon Trump is with a dramatic gesture of true bipartisanship. If all 232 Democratic electors pledge to reach across the aisle and vote for a Republican alternative to Trump, it would take just 38 GOP electors to make that person the next president.

38 Electors. We already know some are losing sleep, some are dropping out, and others are morally torn because of the horrific choice ahead of them. It is reasonably likely that given a Republican alternative, 38 out of the three hundred odd votes Trump has would choose someone safer, actually qualified, to lead the country.

Below is a sample email to Hillary Clinton, and if you agree that a Trump presidency is possibly democracy ending also, you can copy and paste it. Yes, this is a long shot, and no we don’t really want a Republican in office, but basically all of them are better than Trump.

Dear Hillary Clinton:

Thank you for your service to this country. This is a time of unprecedented danger in US history, and we must ask you for one more sacrifice. Please release your electors and ask them to join into an accord to vote for a qualified Republican. Our country is in deep trouble and we need a hero. That hero can only be you, now. Your electors would only need to win a few dozen more who would be willing to change their vote and our democracy might survive.


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