The Vulgarest Tool That Tyranny Could Want, The FBI Opens Probe Into The Clintons


Cold-blooded, smooth-fac’d, placid miscreant!

       Dabbling its sleek young hands in Erin’s gore,

And thus for wider carnage taught to pant,

       Transferr’d to gorge upon a sister shore,

The vulgarest tool that Tyranny could want,

       With just enough of talent, and no more,

To lengthen fetters by another fix’d,

And offer poison long already mix’d.

– Lord Byron

Inscribed on the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is, “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.” Since the inception of that agency, the men and women who comprise the FBI have shown that they are the embodiment of each of those virtues; until today.

Today the most powerful investigative law enforcement agency the world has ever known took the ‘Integrity’ part of their seal and threw is right into the Trump sewer bog of absolute corruption. The thing about the virtues of honor and integrity is that once soiled; it’s nearly impossible to get them back.

The Loss of Integrity and Facts of the Case

This is a Rubicon that, until today, the FBI refused to cross; to investigate the political opponents of the president. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Robert Mueller confirmed — through Reince Priebus’ copious notes — the allegations made by former head of the FBI James Comey under oath, before Congress. Though Comey was a skilled prosecutor himself, he was hesitant to spell out before the committee what he believed were charges Trump may face. Comey’s allegations, if true as confirmed by Priebus’ notes, are tantamount to obstruction of justice.

If Robert Mueller could indict the President, he has all the evidence he needs to do exactly that and secure a conviction for it. A presidential indictment is, however, the job of the House of Representatives. Which is not inclined to start impeachment proceedings against this criminal administration.

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department announced that it was launching an inquiry against the Clinton Global Initiative. To investigate if there was some manner of ‘pay to play’ scheme, which Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox has suggested for months and months.

Investigations into Political Opponents and Other Bannanna Republic Tactics

Yesterday, Tin Pot Trump told his stooge Attorney General to open an investigation into his former political opponent. No new allegations are calling for an investigation. No new witness came forward to make new allegations. The most powerful law enforcement agency in the world opened up an investigation at the behest of the howling Benghazi monkeys on Fox news!

I am loathe to use slippery slope arguments, but who is next? This is unprecedented in the annals of American history. Imagine what would happen if President Hillary ordered the FBI to open an investigation on Trump solely to make political hay? This is what every single tinpot dictator in every banana republic has ever done.

Hillary Clinton is the most investigated woman in American history. Tens of millions of dollars have been squandered trying to find ANY wrongdoing whatever by Hillary and these partisan philistines have come up with precisely nothing.

The sole function now of Fox News is to create enough smoke to deflect attention from the Russian meddling; which every single member of this administration has lied about. ALL OF THEM. Yesterday, it was also revealed that Trump told White House Counsel Don McGahn to tell Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. And, that Trump needed Sessions “to protect him” the way Bobby Kennedy protected his brother and Eric Holder protected Obama.

Protect Trump from what?

In prosecutor parlance, this is a consciousness of guilt statement. It is obvious now that the reason Trump did not release his tax returns was not an audit. Steve Bannon told Michael Wolfe that Trump and his family were worried about money laundering charges. Since Vladimir Putin wanted Trump elected and is wealthiest thug on Earth, it’s hard not to guess whose money was laundering.

The Justice Department has forever been blind to politics and political influence, until yesterday. Today, in a flagrant assault on truth, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department for the author of the Russia dossier, Christopher Steele. A partisan Republican senator wants our Justice Department to prosecute a foreign national for gathering information about the President.

Congressional Republicans are chained to the Trump administration, and if it goes down, they go down. We have not witnessed such partisan abuse of our revered institutions ever. They are more than willing to investigate Hillary or Christopher Steele. However, wholly uninterested in fulfilling their constitutional duty as a check on the executive branch. They don’t want to look into this criminal administration.

A tsunami is coming, a blue tsunami that will wipe these complicit enablers from the body politic.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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