Update: United Airlines CEO Sends Email Praising Staff: Stock Set To Plummet

Update: At the close of day United Airlines managed to stave off massive losses closing at 1.15% which is roughly 250 million dollars down from this morning. The drop was minimized thanks to promised flight capacity growth of 2.6%. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz also issued a strongly worded apology. However, judging from his email, we highly doubt any sincerity. Let’s see if United can fill that extra 2.6% capacity when nobody wants to fly on their planes.


Update: United Airlines has indeed suffered losses so far today dropping down 3.83% at the time of this update. That’s close to a billion dollars worth of loss and there are still four more brutal hours to go before the closing bell rings. The stock will channel up and down as investors make money on the way to the bottom, but they will most certainly post a staggering loss today.  Stay tuned for United Airlines’ closing bell losses. Maybe they will learn to respect their customers.


United Airlines has been making a ruckus lately in the customer service department. First, it was two girls wearing leggings that the airline deemed inappropriate. Now it’s an alleged doctor beaten bloody by Chicago Aviation Security. In both cases, United Airlines seems to be backing their poor decisions with horribly thought out statements and now an email obtained by CNBC.

The email sent Monday evening declares that employees “followed standard procedures” when ejecting a passenger from an overbooked flight. However, if United Airlines was indeed overbooked, then how would they expect to fit their own employees on the flight? The narrative that the flight was overbooked is an obvious ploy by the embattled airline to set up their defense should a lawsuit be brought by the assaulted passenger.

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The email went on to claim that the passenger was “disruptive and belligerent.”

Apparently crew members “were left with no choice but to call Chicago Aviation Security Officers to assist in removing the customer from the flight,” as United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz wrote.

Munoz continued that the passenger “continued to resist, running back onto the aircraft in defiance of both our crew and security officials.”

Oddly enough no passenger on the plane sought to begin recording when the man became allegedly belligerent. Something you would expect to have happened in this modern era when every phone has a camera. So the idea that the passenger was so belligerent that it required removal by bloody force is dubious at best. Maybe United Airlines should consider putting paying customers first before free flying employees.

A lawsuit isn’t all United Airlines has to worry about

Even if the victim of this violence chooses not to sue the airline, it seems there may be some repercussions for the horrendous event. CNN Money reports that United Airlines stock is set to plummet amid the scandal.

According to the report by CNN Money:

“Shares in United Airlines were nearly 6% lower in pre-market trading on Tuesday as the company scrambled to address a video showing a passenger being forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight.”

Nothing like a little authoritarian corporate aggressiveness against your customer base to put a dent in your numbers, eh Oscar Munoz?

Featured image via ch-aviation.com

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