An Unearthed Trump Speech From Last June Is Very Fishy After New Don Jr. Bombshell (VIDEO)

We’re now on day 4 of the Trump-Russian scandal de jour and seemingly ever closer to figuring out just what the hell is going.  Trump appears to have broken his silence on his son’s weird decision to release the emails that show him trying to collude with the Russian government against Hillary Clinton.

Side note: Is “He’s a high-quality person” the strongest defense he could come up with? There was no “I am sure he is innocent, this Russia thing is a hoax”, or any actual defense at all.

Side note number two: His “transparency” efforts came only minutes before the NY Times was going to release the information anyway.

And if you read Trump Sr’s comments aloud, blood may ooze from your eyes.

But just when you thought that this sordid torrent of affairs in what has to be the biggest scandal in recent memory, the Washington Post peeled back yet another foul layer from the Trump-Russia onion.

Philip Bump of The Washington Post gave us all something else to mull over as we attempt to make some sense of the hijacking of our democracy.  Bump flagged a video of a Trump speech from June 7th, four days after Don Goldstone’s first contact with Don Jr and two days before the meeting at Trump Tower on June 9th.

The video shows Trump droning on in his typical braggadocios fashion following a Republican Primary victory in early June of last year. but that’s expected with nearly every single Trump speech. Bump prefers that you all turn your eyes and ears to the part where Trump promises big news about Hillary Clinton’s crimes in a speech on “probably June 13th.”

Helpfully enough, the video is set to start at the key moment and thus cuts out all of Trump’s obnoxious bragging and boasting:

Interesting how he promised to be having all kinds of new incriminating revelations about “Clinton corruption” right before the Don Jr. meeting, eh? Promises to give the speech right after the meeting. Think about that …

With each and every passing day, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Trump may not be able to brag or boast his way out of all the damning evidence pouring in showing collusion between his camp and Russia. In fact, it seems that Barron is the only Trump who doesn’t have any ties to Russia.


Featured image via YouTube




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