Two Years, Seven Million Dollars And Nothing — GOP Benghazi Witch Hunt Ends With A Whimper And A Scapegoat

Two years, $7 Million dollars

And nothing.

Trey Gowdy has this morning released the results of his witch hunt.

And he’s got nothing.

Nothing we didn’t already know:

– Security at the consulate was inadequate — which is unsurprising given that Congress had cut funding for embassy security.

– President Obama and Secretary Clinton didn’t do anything wrong — though in retrospect Clinton could have done certain things better in the days leading to the attack, but then who doesn’t have 20/20 hindsight, right?

– The report reluctantly admits Clinton herself “never personally denied any requests for additional security in Benghazi” and she was “active and engaged” on the night of the attacks, she was actively working with the president, the CIA director, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others in the hours following the attack.

– All the conspiracy theories were bullshit. No stand-down order was ever given.

Even the most ardent Hillary Haters on the panel, Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Pompeo (R-KS), who released their own “additional views,” said that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “paid special attention to Libya,” and the worst criticism they could level was that she”missed her last, clear chance to protect her people.” Again, 20/20 hindsight. Which also applies to those Senators and Representatives who voted to cut security funding, or those members of the Bush administration who missed the clues prior to 9-11, or EVERY terrorist attack for the last 200 years. Trust me, speaking as a former intelligence officer, there’s nothing easier than predicting the past. Everybody sees the dangers and makes the right decisions when they have the benefit of being privy to all the details four years in the future.

$7 Million. 2 Years.

The report is just vague enough that you can, sort of, bend it to make whatever political hay you like. But there’s no smoking gun and Gowdy just couldn’t quite torpedo Clinton or Obama no matter how much time and money he wasted. He couldn’t even produce an illicit blowjob. And so this morning the media is floundering to pull something, anything, from the report to generate headlines. The Washington Post reports, “Benghazi Report Reveals Little New Information About Hillary Clinton.” Aw. Another WaPo Headline reports “The Five Most Serious accusations from Republican’s Benghazi Report.” Accusations. Not conclusions. They’d have gotten more page hits if they’d gone with the five most unusual conspiracy theories regarding Benghazi. USA Today reveals, “The US Failed to Protect Americans in Benghazi.” Really? No kidding. I’m pretty sure we’d didn’t need Trey Gowdy to tell us that. The New York Daily News desultorily reports, “Benghazi Report Brings No Bombshells on Clinton Role.” Damn. Damn it. For $7 Million we expect bombshells. And blowjobs.

Basically, the report agrees with every previous investigation in almost all respects.

Except for one thing.

Gowdy couldn’t blame Obama and he couldn’t pin it on Clinton.

But he’d spent $7 Million dollars and for that much dough, he had to blame somebody.

So he blamed the military.

That’s right. He blamed the military.


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