Lies Deserve Truth: Perfect Twitter Reactions To Trump’s Truth-Free Tantrum (TWEETS)

truth-free twitter tantrum response
Trump lies on twitter, and gets called out all over the place.

As of now, it would appear nearly impossible to believe that our President-elect can ever act presidential about anything. Jill Stein raised the money to demand recounts in three states that showed statistical anomalies. Hillary Clinton decided to join in the recounts. Donald Trump, as our president-elect and eventual leader of the free world, decided to respond by taking to Twitter in a truth-free tantrum, without a shred of proof.

The reaction to Trump’s fiction was swift and decisive. Trump, as of this writing, has offered no proof for what some see as actually making a case for a national recount. His claim is that California, New Hampshire, and Virginia, states won by Hillary Clinton, were riddled with “serious voter fraud.” Also, he is claiming that millions of illegals voted against him and that he won the popular vote if you factor that in (he didn’t). He also claimed that if he had wanted to win the popular vote he could have, and easily.

California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, took a stand against Trump’s baseless accusations:

There were many more, including from Virginia political commentator and election law expert, Brian Schoeneman:

Tom Rath, a former New Hampshire Attorney General:

Also from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law:

Well respected and outspoken Trump critic, Keith Olbermann weighed in:

It seems clear that people believe this “Trump tantrum” was thrown to draw attention. America is more than his slim quarter of voters, we are not going to be taken into his media white-washing cycle.  Does he really believe the flurry of attention will bury the looming, immense conflict of interest when he is inaugurated?

Trump seems to be directly attacking Hillary Clinton, although she did not initiate the recounts. Her presidential campaign’s counsel also responded to Trump directly today, also:

The response of sane people who demand more evidence than simply that the known liar and con artist, Donald Trump, “says so,” ranges from humorous to harsh:

We really can not be led away from serious issues by Trump’s puerile desire to deflect attention from his own failings. Like Trump’s fiery dispute with Kellyanne Conway, over his consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State, that some have said resembles an orchestrated revenge strategy. Or, Trump’s potential, global conflicts of interest. The behavior he is displaying in this lying, baseless series of tweets is the opposite of presidential, it is more along the lines of sore-headed, tin-foil hat wearing narcissist. Sadly, we haven’t been given much hope that a simple inauguration will be enough to change Trump’s behavior. Winning the primary didn’t, winning the electoral college didn’t, why should becoming the president do so?

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