As It Turns Out, The GOP Base Likes Medicaid

Will taking it away cost Republicans the House?

The monumental failure of TrumpCare was more than a sign of political impotence. It highlighted the enormous disconnect between the Republican Party and the poor, white Republican voters that sent the Tea Party-types to Washington in the first place. As it turns out, these voters need Medicaid, mostly because the phony promises of conservatism bringing prosperity to all is a bigly lie.

The Atlantic called this phenomenon a powerful demonstration of “how the party’s growing reliance on economically strained and older white voters is disrupting its ideological compass.”

Translation: Republicans want to give the money from Medicaid to rich people in the form of giant tax cuts, but the people who cast more votes than a few CEO’s are figuring out that some government programs are not as ‘disastrous’ as they’ve been told.

From the Washington Post,

A gap between the political views of the party establishment and the party base is neither new nor unique to the Republican Party…

But, in the past six years or so, the Republican Party base had become increasingly radicalized. And the party establishment has been very slow to realize just how far away its beliefs are from the base voters on whom they have long depended for support.

In the real world, ultra-conservative policies are terrible for working class Americans, no matter what party they vote for. But Republican voters are apparently more susceptible to the get-rich-quick schemes conservative candidates spew at them.

After decades of misleading the public about who really benefits from so-called trickle-down economics, and less-is-more government is better, GOP voters might be starting to figure out that they are more supportive of Democratic policies than they’re willing to admit.

According to Five Thirty-Eight, that could translate into a change in House leadership in 2018.

If we were able to predict the House results perfectly based on Trump’s 40 percent approval rating, Republicans would be forecast to lose roughly 40 seats. Democrats need to pick up 24 seats to take back the House.

A year or two ago, if pundits said that saving Medicaid could flip voters from red to blue, it would have been disregarded as impossible. In the age of Trump, no one would be surprised.

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