Trump Opposes His Own Advisors In Yet Another Epic Fail

Donald Trump tweeted this morning, referencing the GOP decision to de-claw the independent body charged with ethical oversight of Congress and place it under partisan control, saying there were other issues that should be a priority. However, it never said that they were wrong to gut the office, just intimated that they should have waited to cut health care and lowered taxes on the rich first. While some are crediting Trump with “saving” the committee that his party killed that just doesn’t ring true.

His tweets were in direct opposition of his own advisor, Kellyanne Conway, who had already come out in support of the GOP ethics assault. Also, he failed to call them out on actually attempting to rid themselves of nonpartisan ethical oversight. The GOP did a quick two-step to reverse their rash decision from Monday night on Tuesday morning.

According to NPR:

The House Republican Conference voted Monday night to approve a change to House rules to weaken the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics and place it under the oversight of the House Ethics Committee — a panel controlled by party leaders. …

It is the first independent body to have an oversight role in House ethics. There is no Senate counterpart. The OCE independently reviews allegations of misconduct against House members and staff, and if deemed appropriate refers them to the House Ethics Committee for review. The OCE cannot independently punish lawmakers for any ethics violations.

This was Trump’s response:

Also as reported by NPR, Conway’s earlier response:

Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway had defended the move earlier, telling ABC’s Good Morning America that the election justified the action by Congressional Republicans. “There’s a mandate there for them to make significant change,” Conway said.

The fact that Trump doesn’t have anything even resembling a mandate, having only won 25.5 percent of the vote, doesn’t seem to penetrate the deep delusion of the Trump camp. These mixed messages really seem to define the entire event. They raise the question: was he breaking from his handlers or is he trying to appease his faithful because the Congress was too blatant with their maneuver? Regardless, his camp put out radically confused messages and that doesn’t bode well for his administration.

Let’s break this down: First, the GOP decided to make it harder to call their ethics into question, limiting the powers of the OCE to act on anonymous information and putting it under partisan control. Then, Kellyanne Conway defends the action as justifiable because of a mandate for change that doesn’t exist. Followed by Trump himself contradicting her on twitter, but not condemning the action, just the timing. Then, finally, a full reversal by the GOP: but only after having already approved the rules change 119-to-74 Monday evening.

Yes, 119 of them voted in favor of this despite warnings from top Republicans like Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Ryan and McCarthy would both defend the rules change, despite it being (obviously) horrible, even though they both stood against it in the first place. Members of Trump’s own inner circle supported it. The majority of the Republicans supported it, and they passed it and defended it.

What we have just seen is the fact that the GOP is completely willing to do unethical things, support them, and defend them. Even when they are so bad they have to reverse them less than 24 hours after passing them. As first days go, this one seems to be a huge failure by the congress.

Of course, Trump’s office came off looking disorganized and conflicted. The initial support from his cabinet of this end-run around ethical accountability by the GOP majority must be the takeaway here. He failed to call them out on the horrendous nature of what they were doing, opting instead for a “focus on better things,” a damnably weak slap by a man who has no trouble baiting our enemies and slamming his fellow American citizens.

It also doesn’t make him less of a liar or less dangerous, nor this acrobatic display of political partisanship less of a bad omen of what is to come. It just means that Tuesday, Trump’s administration showed us they are still rife with internal conflict and the GOP showed us all that they will do and say anything to push their agenda. Even when they know it is wrong.

Simply because they undid the heinous act of killing ethics oversight doesn’t mean they deserve praise. That is like praising a person for giving CPR to a someone that they just strangled to death.

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