Trump’s Outreach To Black People Only Finds Approval With White Republicans

Donald Trump tried to mend the bridges he burned with the black community recently, but he ended up widening the gap between them instead.

To sum it up, he called them poverty-stricken, uneducated people who have no hope for the future that isn’t false hope. Amazingly, black folks didn’t take kindly to his remarks.

Yes, some black people do live in poverty, but so do many white people. It isn’t an exclusively black condition. Then there was that part about education. Really? Are you really going to go there Donald? Not only are black people fully aware of the massive under-funding that their schools encounter every year thanks to Republicans, but suggesting again that being “uneducated” is some kind of intrinsic feature of being black… What do you even say to something like that?

After Trump started his campaign on fire again by saying stupid stuff, it was up to his brand new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, to put out the flames. Instead, she threw gasoline on a fire in the way that only Trump himself could have done up to this point.

Trump’s outreach is made in a room full of white people.

George Stephanopoulos had Kellyanne in an interview where he asked her about Trump’s remarks and hoped she could clarify just what the hell he was trying to do. George pointed out that not only was his “black outreach” given to a room full of white people who were in a community full of white people, but what he said was received as extremely insulting by the black community.

At this point, you’d expect backtracking since this was a total flop. You’d think she would have issued some apology to the millions of people who felt it was insulting. Not Kellyanne, though. Instead of trying to fix the damage, she killed Trump’s entire “black outreach” completely.

Kellyanne’s first response regarding Trump’s message that was specifically to black voters was “those comments are for all Americans.” Uh… What? That really isn’t an outreach to the black community then, is it? Instead of realizing what she said and slowing down the damage, she continued on. Kellyanne then announced to the nation that she was white (No shit, Sherlock) and that she came from a white community (Again with the no shit).

She continued to say how moved she was, as a rich white Republican, by Trump’s comments to black people. It’s good that a rich white woman approves of a message not intended for her. The message was, in Trump’s own words, “What the hell do you have to lose?” if they voted for him.

I’m ready to admit that Trump played us at this point. He isn’t running a presidential campaign. He’s just a bored old man with too much money that’s amusing himself at this point. You can watch Kellyanne’s comments in the interview below.

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