Trump’s Hypocrisy Can Land You In FaceBook Jail

That’s right, friends. I’m on a 30 day timeout for sharing the meme below from the Facebook page The Good the Chad and the Ugly as it represents “hate speech” due to Facebook’s convoluted interpretation of what that actually is. Quotes are considered hate speech. Never mind all those memes of Obama being lynched that apparently DON’T violate Facebook’s TOS. I report hate and violent threats all the time only to be told it doesn’t violate their terms. As an administrator of several Facebook pages and reporter for American News X, this seriously hinders my ability to spread awareness of what I consider to be a YUUUUGE problem. If a reporter can’t report because context doesn’t matter, where does that leave us? How can a reporter actually report?



If I quote a public figure, should I be held responsible for their words? Freedom of the press is being squashed by actions like this. I am seething with anger over this. Anyone else that depends on Facebook to spread and read the news should be outraged. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I’ve repeatedly tried to reach a warm body at Facebook, but to no avail. My most recent message has me threatening legal action, as I believe a freedom of press issue exists here. I also run businesses on Facebook. I’m losing my shirt over this. In closing, if you quote a hateful, bigoted, homophobic misogynist, be prepared to lose your Facebook access and possibly your account.