Killing, Then “Saving” DACA Reeks Of Obama Erasure Syndrome

trump daca destruction is obama erasure

Trump’s DACA destruction appears to simply reek of “Obama Erasure Syndrome,” or, Trump’s desire to erase and destroy anything that President Obama did during his 8-year tenure.

Regardless of who gets hurt, Trump seems bent on that one goal: reversing, striking, challenging, or destroying Obama’s legacy.

The Trump administration is killing DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects just under 800 thousand people here illegally, but innocent of a crime committed by their parents. The program may have the “most bipartisan support” of any immigration issue on the Hill, according to CNN, because it just makes sense.

It also appears now that Trump is allowing time for Congress to “save” DACA so basically, it now looks like his real goal is to take DACA from “Obama era” to “Trump era.” Of course with their overloaded schedule and to-do plate, it remains to be seen if Congress could even save it in the 6-month window Trump gave them.

The GOP argument is that this change is about changing DACA from “with a pen” to “by Congress,” but with Trump’s “with a pen” history that doesn’t hold water for them. Trump’s first 200 days in office have resulted in more Executive Orders than Obama averaged in a year, according to Business Insider. Also, most of them have been about erasing Obama:

Most of Trump’s have reversed Obama-era regulationsefforts to protect the environment, and policies he says are stymieing business. Trump’s nine executive orders he signed on days 101-200 of his presidency established a controversial commission on voter fraudattempted to expand apprenticeships in the US, and formed an infrastructure advisory council, to name a few actions.

For some reason, some right-wingers still believe that DACA is illegal. The argument that it is illegal also holds no water, it passed legal challenges. In fact, it passed legal challenges from the head of that “voter fraud” commission mentioned above. Kris Kobach, then Kansas Secretary of State, sued and failed to kill DACA in 2012. It also survived a SCOTUS challenge in 2016 with an equally divided court.

It isn’t like Trump didn’t “illustrate” his goal by sharing that Trump eclipsing Obama meme, right? As Maya Angelou said, “When a person shows you who they are, believe them”:

The argument that DACA was an Executive branch overreach? The same logic above and the survival of legal challenges rule that out. If Trump’s “Executive Order-palooza” isn’t proof he doesn’t believe Executive Orders are over-reach, there would be little that ever could be.

In July, Homeland Security Secretary General John Kelly told the Hispanic Caucus of Congress that DACA would likely not survive an upcoming lawsuit against it. He declined to commit to backing it in court, either, according to Politico. If the Trump administration really wanted to “save DACA” they could do so in court. They seemed content to bide their time.

But, the following month, Trump’s administration is acting to kill it before it could (likely) survive that challenge, as evidenced by previous challenges and the current makeup of the Court being about the same as in 2016.

All this does is allow Trump to erase Obama from DACA, or throw 800 thousand people under the Trump Train trying.

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