The Trouble With Trump’s $1M Donation Pledge Pledge To Harvey Victims

trump pledged donation to harvey victims problem

Article Updated 9/6/2017: Trump apparently has, true to his heavily scrutinized word, taken steps to follow through on his pledge, listing 12 recipients to his donation. The full list of charities is now in the article below. At least one of them have confirmed they have received a phone call and were told a check was being mailed, according to CNN:

The White House said on Wednesday that Trump selected the recipients for Harvey relief efforts based in part on recommendations from members of the White House press corps, who were asked to put forward causes worthy of his donation.

The thing is, that doesn’t change the real problem with his pledge, which is explored in this article:

So, finally, Trump joins the ranks of those who have pledged large donations to Hurricane Harvey relief. Great. Neat. Whatever. His donation history and one other big pledge in the past make that really not as big a deal as people are making out. In fact, the problem with Trump’s pledge doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not he pays up, it’s about his priorities. (We’ll get to that a little later)

You see, Trump has pledged one million dollars to Harvey victims, long after the same was done by many other wealthy Americans.

Notably, JJ Watt, Ellen DeGeneres & Walmart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock. Beyonce already pledged to help as many victims as she could, also. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian West, and Hearst have all pledged donations, too. Oh, yeah, and the “evil” Walt Disney Company beat Trump to pledging.

Now that Trump has finally joined in, his charity history raises its ugly head again. David Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer for exposing Trump’s lack of actual charity despite his huge claims. Even the co-author of Trump’s book, the Art of the Deal says there is no way Trump will actually pay up on this pledge. Time will tell.

Trump has actually paid up on two other large pledges:

So, it is possible that Trump will pay up and that Trump values Vets, and the Texas survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Update: the following 12 charities have been listed by the White House as recipients of the donation:

But the usual lack of follow through on actually paying up isn’t even the ugliest part of this.

You see, back in 2012, Trump pledged a whopping five million dollars should Barack Obama release his birth certificate. Which, as we all know, Obama released. Guess who never paid up?

That’s right, Trump. And, he still has not paid up that 5 million to charity, either:

Priorities are important, and Donald Trump has shown his. The simple dollar amounts here indicate that Trump cared more about where Barack Obama was born than he cares about the devastation and victims in Texas. If he planned on paying up for that at any point in time, that dollar amount shows that he was deeply, nay, obsessively taken with getting the answer he wanted. It shows exactly where his priorities were, and by extension, where they are now.

“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money & I’ll tell you what they are.” —James W. Frick

Pledging a million now, after so many others did and he was shamed for not having pledged anything doesn’t show “priority” for helping Texans or veterans in light of the fact that he offered 5 times that to hurt the former president.

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