Trump Tries To Bully And Threaten Senator At Health Care Lunch (Video)

They call it strategic seating. That was the plan. Donald Trump would place himself right next to Nevada Senator Dean Heller in order to “persuade” him to go from a “no” vote to “yes.” But just like many of Trump’s “plans” it devolved into what he usually does with people who disagree with him. It turned into Trump using bully and intimidation tactics in order to “persuade” Heller to a yes vote. (See video below …)

On Wednesday, Trump gathered GOP Senators together at a White House luncheon where the subject was health care, and how to pass a bill — seemingly any bill at this point.  The Republicans, despite owning majorities in the House and Senate have failed to pass any bill on the subject despite their promises to the American people for almost 8 years now.  If Trump and the GOP want to point on achieving a political promise like, say, “building the border wall” they can now say they did — around Obamacare. And every indication is that the GOP could very well pay for it.

According to Politico reporter Josh Dawsey, and other reporters, The president used a line that might be more common or fitting for a mob boss to use than a President to a Senator of his own party. Specifically, he asked Heller if he “wants to remain a Senator?”

Heller reacted with an “oh, did he just go there?” kind of face before laughing along at the veiled threat. Trump didn’t stop there. He threw out another line that could be taken in an “intimidating” manner:

“Any senator who votes against debate says you are fine with ObamaCare,” Trump said.

Unfortunately for Trump, these tactics haven’t exactly been effective as Trump has not been able to get any his legislative agenda through the GOP controlled Senate. Senators probably aren’t intimidated due to his unpopularity, which now hovers in the 30s according to the most recent polling. And unlike House members, Senators must get the approval of the whole state vs a gerrymandered district in order to remain in office.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Trump tried to bully Heller. Last month Mitch McConnell actually stepped in and stopped a seven figure ad campaign done by a political group called “America First Policies. That group is a non-profit lobbying group started and supported by Trump and run by campaign surrogate Katrina Pierson. As The Hill reported:

An outside group aligned with Trump announced last month it would launch a seven-figure ad buy against the Nevada senator for opposing the repeal-and-replace bill.

The group, America First Policies, scrapped the ads at the urging of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

Check out John Gotti  I mean Donald Trump in action trying to bully Heller and other Senators like a mob boss below:

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