By The Numbers, Trump Vacations More Than Obama, Bush, And Clinton Combined.

Back when he was first spinning up his campaign, Trump told The Hill “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.” Well, it’s been six weeks since he took office, and that promise held up as well as his Atlantic City casino empire. Trump’s vacation numbers are shocking. So is the price tag that he’s passing to us to pay.

Trump has spent 31% of his Presidency on vacation at Mar-a-Lago.

Mark Knoller is the CBS White House correspondent who has been tracking White House statistics since 1996. He is the go-to guru for Presiential numbers. He posted on twitter that,

Let’s put this in perspective. He also told PolitiFact a few months ago that President Obama spent all or part of 217 days on vacation. Bush spent 533 days. Clinton only spent 174 days. Those all sound huge, right? Well, there are 2,922 in an eight-year term.

That means Obama spent 7.5% of his Presidency on vacation. Bush spent 18.2%. Clinton spent only 6%.

Hang on. 7.5 + 18.2 + 6 = 31.7. That means that Trump has spent a bigger fraction of his Presidency on vacation than former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined!

Wait until you see the bill.

You remember all the Republican outcry every time former President Obama took a few days off?  There’s “Vacation outrage: Right slams Obama for Hawaii trip, ignoring the facts.” Or “Republicans Blast President Obama For… Taking A Vacation.” And our favorite, “‘NO VACATION’ OBAMA SPENDS $80 MILLION ON VACATIONS.

According to CNBC, Trump vacations cost taxpayers an estimated $3 million per trip. So his 14 days have cost you and me (and everyone else who pays their taxes, except Trump of course) a whopping $12 million, in just six weeks. At this pace, Trump will spend more on vacations than the last 3 presidents combined.

Where’s the Republican outrage now?

Shhhh. Listen. Oops, you missed it. Here’s your consolation prize: “Conservative activists refuse to believe Trump is spending more on travel than Obama.

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