Trump Has A Twitter Tantrum Over SNL Sketch About His Tweets (VIDEO)

SNL once again opened their show featuring Alec Baldwin doing his Donald J Trump impression. This time the scenario was Trump’s penchant for retweeting anyone. Something he has actually done in real life over and over. Recently he retweeted false information regarding ‘illegal votes’ that somehow caused him to lose the popular vote.

In the sketch, it opens with a classroom scene. In the middle of a lecture, one of the student’s phone chirps, indicating a ‘retweet.’ The teacher asks the student ‘who would retweet you, you are just a random 16-year-old student?’

Flash to Trump tower.

Trump not only is the ‘retweeter’ he is bragging about the brilliance of the tweet. This all occurs during a security briefing. Kellyanne Conway then tries to explain the retweet as a great master strategy — Trump dispells that in short order. Kellyanne also adds that he really did this in real life — looking directly into the camera. Se does that because he did.

Next scene shows a man sitting with his wife in an unassuming generic apartment. This guy is all happy about his new Twitter profile pic that shows a skull with two guns going into his head and the word ‘infidel’ above that. His wife tells him that such a picture will only attract psychos. Guess who immediately retweets him?

Back to Trump singing ‘oops, I did it again’ by Brittney Spears. When his staffers object, Trump rattles off a bunch of accomplishments that Barack Obama achieved. He follows that by promising to ‘drain the wall and build the swamp.’ when Kellyanne tries to correct him, he decides his new scenario is ‘easier’ so he’ll go with that.

The third scene shows a date. There the man is bragging about how his Twitter profile says ‘liberalism is a mental disease.’ He then gets retweeted.

In the final scene, Trump finally agrees to stop retweeting and get his security brief. But first, he needs his chief of staff, Steve Bannon. they then show a ‘grim reaper’ type emerge before going into the traditional ‘LIVE FROM NEW YORK … tagline.

Check out the hilarious sketch below;

The sketch is certainly funny. What made it even more fun is that Trump simply couldn’t resist having a twitter fit over the sketch. He immediately lashed out at Saturday Night Live and Baldwin.

The fact that Trump raged on Twitter after a sketch that pokes fun at his Twitter habit is beyond ironic. Of course, Baldwin responded, even offering Trump a ‘deal’ to stop. See below;


To call all of this bizarre would be perhaps the understatement of what has been a very bizarre year.

Featured image via screen capture. 

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