Trump Twitter Tantrum Doubles Down On Russian Hacking Report Lies

gop dossier timeline full of lies

Trump lied about the Russian Hacking report in an official press release. He then followed those lies with a double down. Of course, on Twitter because that is really presidential. The six tweet rant was a cornucopia of blame, lies, and devolved into what can only be described as a Trump twitter tantrum.

Not to mention the fact that he spent three of those tweets praising the possibility of a “good relationship” with Russia. Now that we know that Russia has probably leverage over him and his party, this is for lack of a better word, damning.

The series of tweets started with a lie:

We know that the RNC was hacked, and that the Russians chose not to publish that information. We know Putin’s aim was to harm Hillary Clinton’s credibility and help Trump win. So the conclusion that what they had would harm Trump’s chances seems inevitable.

His second tweet, was also a lie:

The first part of this tweet is a bold-faced lie: the report states that it did not make an assessment on the effect that the Russian efforts had on the election. The second, that they didn’t affect the actual voting machines is accurate, but a non-sequitur. The influence campaign was not about changing people’s votes at the end, it was about changing their mind during the election. That has not been measured.

The third tweet, well, it seems that Trump began to descend into a real temper tantrum:

Seeing as both the RNC and DNC were hacked, his entire tweet is based on a false premise.

With the third through sixth tweets, we enter into the realm of things that raise the hairs on the back of your neck. It appears that Russia has leverage over the RNC — the entire party that Trump represents. Just in 2015, Russia’s civil and human rights violations are beyond anything we can wish to ally ourselves with. Putin can and has been characterized as “a human rights abusing oligarch.”

So, instead of saying “we know they tried to influence the election, but not to what extent their efforts did so,” Trump said this:

Russia, Trump, is a great and pressing problem and issue around the world. Not to mention the fact that they are a problem here because they tried, and may well have succeeded, to influence our election. The one you won, the one they wanted you to win. The one that you called for their help to hack your opponent, in jest, purportedly. The one whose dictator you find so damn wonderful.

World issues seem pretty far away when our own country is facing this liar taking the helm. But one thing is very clear, this twitter tantrum isn’t presidential. It makes him look even worse if that was possible. And should probably be evidence in his impeachment. The “President-elect” of our country straight up lied to us about a matter of national security. It follows that he is either a bad person that needs to be removed or a person incapable of doing the job and must be removed. 

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