Trump’s Twitter Indicates He’ll Be Half The President Obama Was Following Priebus Shakeup

A tweet from 2012 has come back to troll Donald Trump. By his own standard, he's less than half the president Barack Obama was. (Photo with Obama and aides laughing)

A tweet from 2012 has come back to troll Donald Trump. By his own standard, he’s less than half the president Barack Obama was.

Reince Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff, is gone. Six months into Trump’s administration and he has already had a lot of turn over, now including the highest ranking member of his staff. Looking back on Trump’s own Twitter feed though, once again, his own attacks on President Obama are coming back on him two-fold.

Not just that, but before the GOP’s president basically fired Priebus on Twitter, he announced his replacement before there had even been an official announcement that he had left the office. And then, Trump’s (not quite yet official) White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci smeared Reince Priebus as a “leaker.”

But, back to Trump and his damning twitter feed.

Going back to January 10th, 2012, when then-president Obama had turned over his Chief of Staff three times, in three years. This is what Trump had to say about that (yes, he wrote it wrong, it is Chiefs of staff):

By only going through one chief of staff a year,  Obama’s already doing better by half. He also went on to become one of America’s best presidents, and even Fox News ran a piece praising his legacy. Now all of those who are destined to be hurt by Trump’s attempt to erase Obama’s legacy —  about 32 million if the ACA is repealed — have so far managed to defend their ability to remain insured.

Now, once again, Trump’s own words are the strongest troll and deliver the biggest slam. So, let’s get hypothetical here: If Trump continues with his current staff drama just like “Jerry Springer” mixed with “the Apprentice,” he would replace his chief of staff twice as often as Obama did in his first term. By his own standard, that would make him half the president Obama was. Trump’s re-election is far from assured, but should that tragedy occur, he’d have an even tougher standard to meet. To continue being (at his very best) half the president Obama was, or twice the wreck Trump thought Obama was, he’d only be able to fire his Chief of Staff once because Obama kept the same one for his entire second four-year term.

Most of this rest on suppositions and a bit of it is just pure dark humor, however, Trump’s patterns of behavior seem to be pretty obvious and none of this would appear to be out of his norms. Can you imagine what it feels like to be so obviously obsessed with erasing Obama’s legacy and yet constantly be reminded in one’s own words that Trump will never live up to Obama’s best, and has left Obama’s “worst” in the dust in Trump’s race to the bottom?

It can’t feel crappy enough and this couldn’t be happening to a more deserving “man,” either. Especially since half the president Obama was is a bar that Trump really can’t hope to reach…Not even on his tip-toes.

Featured image via Obama’s White House on Flikr

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