Trump TV: The Sad, Quiet, Nearly Accidental Launch?

Trump tv debate
Did Trump just launch his network, Trump TV

While you were watching the debate, cringing and Donald Trump’s lack of composure, Buzzfeed reports that Trump clumsily launched Trump TV. Maybe, he isn’t saying for sure… he will keep us in suspense.

“A little after 8:30 p.m., Trump’s official Facebook page posted the link to the live video, offering up an alternative to the mainstream broadcast. The message: ‘If you’re tired of biased, mainstream media reporting (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s super PAC), tune into my Facebook Live broadcast. Starts at 8:30 EST/5:30 PST — you won’t want to miss it. Enjoy!'”

Screen capture
Screen capture

Trump literally doesn’t understand the difference between the media and a Political Action Committee — and he is running for President — calling the mainstream media (like Fox News) a Hillary Clinton super PAC. Then again, he has proudly bandied about his lack of experience, so we don’t expect him to. A horrifying statement about a major party nominee.

Trump used known partisan hacks, like Jan Brewer and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, for commentary. In a show that seemed more like “public access than a glitzy cable news offering,” there was another major change from other broadcasters.

[I]n place of commercials, the feed was interspersed with pro-Trump ads and a special message from Ivanka Trump.

Not really “in place of” commercials, though, because the product they are selling is Trump. Only Trump: and this cheap broadcast gave him free advertising.

Sadly, this kind of backward, unplanned, inaccurate, and half-finished thing is exactly what we can expect to see in the future from Trump. He can’t help it, he has no filter, no brake pedal, and he doesn’t listen to anyone who is supposedly advising him.

But, hey, when he loses he will have a new network already pre-filled with angry, mislead, low-information voters who may just save Trump’s “empire” for him. Can you imagine a Fox News that doesn’t even TRY to look balanced? Look how much the NRA makes using those same people’s fears as a selling point.

After this election, he is going to need it, because he has destroyed the Trump name for most of America.

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