Trump Threatens Comey Directly And Floats Cancelling Press Briefings

Trump threats
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Trump’s Twitter Friday morning reflected the absolute chaos that is the Trump administration. In a stunningly unpresidential tirade — literally, a new low — Trump threatened former FBI director Comey directly and threatened to suspend all press briefings “for accuracy.” While this does acknowledge the absolute lack of veracity coming out of his White House, the fact that he makes his own people liars time after time, it also reflects his more and more defined dictatorial style.

It is not known at this time if Trump or anyone else made a recording of his “meeting” with Comey, where he reportedly pushed for “loyalty” to himself and not the Constitution from the former FBI Director and fired him when he demurred.

But, Trump stops just short of claiming exactly just:

The only thing this really accomplishes is establishing how scared Trump is of what Comey knows. No other reason makes sense for this threat.

From CBS reporting on the TVs in government FDA offices that can not be changed from Fox News to the reporters being arrested — one for simply asking persistent questions of Tom Price HHS secretary and Kellyann Conway — and charged with crimes for doing their jobs: this is horrifying to any thinking American.

But, for Trump, the lies coming out of his White House, as in, “I spoke directly to the president and he said this,” only to be completely contradicted the next time the president speaks should be expected.

This happened when Sarah Huckabee Sanders, stood at the podium and said the president fired Comey because of the recommendation of the deputy attorney general who had volunteered the recommendation but had been asked to furnish it in writing. Then Trump stated that he was already going to do it and also had stated that he requested the letter from the DAG. Then he further contradicted her about the effect this would have on the investigation that Comey was leading into Trump’s campaign.

He is busy, they are busy, and the lies are really our own fault for wanting so damn much information about our government. Perhaps, he opined, he’ll just suspend briefings and start releasing written statements with only what he wants in public — literally cutting off the free press completely from being able to ask questions.

It took him two tweets to make the threat to state approved media messaging:

Not possible to be accurate… too bad that previous presidents have been held to a much different standard. The major problem is that Trump doesn’t seem to be able to speak without lying. So, he gives his people one message, then goes out and blows it up himself. Is it possible that he has set up Spicer over and over again to be inaccurate in an attempt to get to where he could justify this to his supporters? Then again, since he has remained consistently around 70 percent liar throughout his election and now his presidency, it is simply that he can’t keep track of the lies he tells and keeps tripping himself up.

Here comes the follow-up:

Gee, this would mean that no one dug into his answers, it would mean that no one would be asking questions or clarifying the information coming out of the White House.

It would mean that Trump has finally created a state-sanctioned media message. One that defies our first Amendment and makes it so that he does not have to tell the truth, and doesn’t have to keep track of the lies he tells subordinates or the people — because he won’t have to repeat things. One thing any person who has dealt with a pathological liar knows is that their stories change — they always change — so the only way to catch the lie is to ask the same question multiple times.

We have caught him in so many lies, this appears to be damage control. The truth is easy to repeat with accuracy, it is the stories we have to remember, even when we know the truth, that get difficult to repeat with accuracy.

Our own White House, led by 45, is beginning to look a lot like the opposite of everything this country stands for. The war on the free press continues. Sad.

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