Ignorance Is Bliss: This Top Trump SCOTUS Pick Has Been Mercilessly Mocking Him For Over A Year

One of Donald Trump's 11 US Supreme Court justice picks: Libertarian Texas Supreme Court Judge Don WIllett.

Donald Trump hasn’t even (officially) won the GOP nomination and he’s already picking his Supreme Court nominees. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Adding another layer of irony to Mein Trumpf’s super-sized episode of hubris, Donald Trump announced his top 11 picks for SCOTUS on Wednesday. But unbeknownst to His Hairness– as Think Progress reports — it turns out that one of his top 11 Supreme Court picks has been mocking him mercilessly on Twitter for over a year. For Pete’s sake! Isn’t Twitter supposed to be Donald Trump’s home turf?

The man in question is Don Willett, a Justice on the Supreme Court of Texas, who was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in 2005. When this renowned Libertarian is not busy ruling against parents pleading for adequate funding for schools in their low-income community and valiantly defending the rights of faceless corporations, he pursues his favorite hobby: Trolling Donald Trump on Twitter

Donald Trump hilariously trolled by one of his top US Supreme Court picks on Twitter.

Apparently, this brilliant flowering of right-wing jurisprudence and top Trump pick for the highest court in the land has a rather mischievous streak.

And what’s not to love about this hilarious Star Wars reference?

It’s too bad this top Donald Trump Supreme Court pick’s so danged good at reading the law: He could’ve had an amazing career as a Viner or a Twitter troll.

Ticket to Trump rally: $100; Donald Trump campaign swag: $50; Flight on Trump Airlines? Priceless.

And a happy face-palm Sunday, my fellow Christians.

Ooh, and he’s a Miss Piggy fan.

Strangely, as The Blaze points out, Justice Don Willett has not tweeted a single disparaging thing about Donald Trump since the GOP frontrunner named him as one of the top picks for his hypothetical US Supreme Court. Fancy that.

Though he does make this fleeting mention of his dearly departed US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Featured image: cc 2006 Don Willett official photo via Wikipedia.

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