Trump Silent After White Man Plows Muslims In London In “Horrific Terrorist Attack” (Video)

After terrorist attacks, Donald Trump has shown his need to be first and loudest in his tweets. He loves to tell the world how he “called it” or is the only one with the strength and fortitude to stop them. Of course, all of those tweets have something in common. They all come after someone either associated with or sympathetic to a group like ISIS or Al Queda attacks. When it comes to a white Christian committing an act of terror, does Trump act the same? Hardly.

Last night, just such a thing happened as a group of Muslims in London found themselves being plowed by a van being driven by an unidentified white man after Ramadan services. The man and his van managed to kill one and injure at least 10 people. (see video below … )

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan was quick to condemn the attacks and call the attack what it is:

“The Metropolitan Police are responding to a horrific terrorist attack on innocent people in Finsbury Park,” he said in a statement posted to his Facebook page. He went on to describe the attack, which appeared to specifically target Muslims, as “an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom, and respect.” He also likened it to “the terrible attacks in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge.”

On this side of the pond, our leader had a much different reaction — absolute silence.

No tough talk about “stopping them.” No boasting about how he “saw it coming.” No tweets about walls, bans or anything of the sort. Just silence.

We don’t know if the arrested alleged perpetrator of the attack proclaims himself a Christian, but he is white. It is also hard to imagine anyone but a Christian deliberately targeting Muslims in such an attack. Yes, it is speculation — but I’ll go out on a limb here …

We also know that he announced that he “wants to kill all Muslims” when he was arrested. (see video below … )

Regardless, the fact that the victims were Muslim and the attacker was a white man doesn’t change what this is — terrorism. Apparently, when the victims are Muslim, they aren’t even worth a tweet of sympathy from Trump.

Check out this video on the arrest of the alleged attacker and his statement on Muslims below:

It wasn’t like Trump was too busy doing the business of the nation to tweet. He did tweet about his tax cuts (that benefit rich people mostly), a healthcare plan that is enjoying 17 percent approval, and a wall that most experts agree will never be built — despite Trump’s campaign and post campaign boasting about it.

Not one word about Muslim victims of terror. Not a tweet, no statement, and no words for the press when he was in front of them today before meeting with the leader of Panama — nothing.

This morning, Sadiq Khan, unlike Trump had some more wise words in summing up what happened, saying “terrorism is terrorism.” Prime Minister Theresa May commented that this attack was “every bit as sickening as those that have come before.”

Trump added nothing but silence. A silence that is deafening.


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